Thursday, July 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Sunni! ~ And a day of browsing for me.

This is our daughter Sunni, today is her birthday. I won't disclose her age or anything but she is my husband's middle daughter. Sunni stopped by today and I asked if I could post her picture and a small tribute to her for her birthday. She lives only a few blocks from us and was on her way to dinner with friends. See that smile? It's there all the time. She is a fun loving, hard working, mother of one daughter, 11 years old. Please join me in wishing Sunni a most beautiful birthday and wishes of many, many, more. We Love You, Girl!

I hope this won't be too long but I've had a busy, busy, day. First I dropped Kandace off to her hair appointment. Silly me, I had the camera I could have shown a before and after but didn't think of it. Then I'd been summoned by my sons to pick up tickets they'd purchased over the phone to the Comedy Show this weekend at the Star Dome.

I love this place!

The Headliner for this weekend is none other than, Bruce Bruce.

Got the tickets and was on my way, I had a few hours before Kandace would be done.

So I thought I'd take a trip to one of our local Salvation Army Stores. I thought I'd look for a small end table to go on the side of the sofa in the den but I'm really leaning towards nesting tables that I saw else where.

This is what I believe to be a souvenir spoon holder, it was priced at 24.99 which I thought was outrageous.

I loved these chairs, although my picture is not good, the pair have nice detail and the one in front is pretty nice too. I didn't price them.

I'm a sucker for a leather chair but, nothing to big, so this one caught my eye. It was 32.00

I thought this was a nice leather ottoman at 39.00

This lamp had a nice base for a country room the shade would have to be changed and it was 16.99

This table and stool set was 129.00

I loved these chairs but I didn't think they went with that table but I think the chairs were being sold with the table because I couldn't find a price for the chairs and the table was 129.00.

Loved it! I don't remember what the price was.

I thought the base of these lamps were nice, but I didn't like the shades.

Here's a close-up of the body of the lamp, and they were not priced.

See those glasses on the end of the counter, there are seven of them, and they're only 2.99. I snatched them up quick.

This is a picture of the things I purchased there. The clear platter for 1.99, that large white bowl for 2.99, (it was made by some guy named Ed in 1980, he'd scribble this info underneath), the small candy dish for .99 cents, the cherub for 2.99, and the clown plagues to hang on the wall were .99 cents for the pair. The glasses are not shown because Sunni admired them, and I gave them to her.

Here are the clowns close-up, one has lost his pants and the other is laughing about it. I thought they were darling and they look like little baby clowns.

I also visited Marshalls today, this is one of my favorite stores.

This pair of birds have been here for a while, I admire them each time I'm there but I have no place for them.

These caught my attention they have a place for tea light candles I bet they are pretty lit.

This was cute also it's a sconce that resemble a license plate.

Loved these chairs, especially the iron work.

Pillows! There was a time in my life when I was addicted to pillows but they were nothing but trouble, I was always fluffing. So I got rid of them.

They had a lot of beautiful pictures.

Bling, but not to my taste.

Rose dishes and a blue one.

This white bowl was 12.99 compared to my bowl to the thrift store's 2.99.

I wanted this but decided not to get it, it was 7.99.

This was the cutest wall art in shape of a garden gate. It was 39.00.

I really liked the big pot with the leaves, second shelf from the bottom.

But I really fell in love with this one.

How about this, so funny, the hare riding the back of the tortoise.

I never fool around this aisle. I always think that maybe that stuff isn't fresh.

This statue I almost bought, but I didn't have any place to put it. It was only 9.99.

WOW! This really caught my eye! This sign is so whimsical!

It is going with me.

Alright, I guess this will do it.

Here we are. Home Sweet Home!

Out of these four wall expressions, I was only interested in the @. I thought it would be fun over by my computer desk. Now I have all the others and no place to put them. Time will tell.

I chose the Once upon a time sign to accompany it.

I think they fit perfectly together. Once upon a time @ Deb's Country Kisses......

And the new pot adds that perfect splash of color to break-up all the mono tones. I have used another colorful pot on the coffee table but forgot to take a picture of it. I hope this wasn't too long but, I had a long day. I enjoyed it, I hope you did too. Deb


Carolyn said...

Happy Birthday Sunni!!!

Connie said...

Nuuuuuuu, not too long at all! I love reading and looking at other people's "catches of the day"! Your home is so warm and cozy and isn't it neat how different people are in their decorating but we tend to love it all. At least I do. My evolution has gone from original hand-me-downs from mom when we first married to avocado velvet sofa(!), spanish colonial, country, more "formal" to finally the shabby/frenchy/romantic/ME kind of look. This is probably my last decorating style because I love it so much and the romantic looks suits me! I will always love pink in my home and can't see it much beyond that, my sweet chick! I'm just always forgetting the camera!!!!! I've got to remember to take it.

Oooohmygosh, is Sunni a "stunner"!! When I enlarged the pix I saw that gorgeous smile, that dahhhhhhling haircut and those adorable eyes, honey buns! What a beautiful family you and hubs have........


French said...

HAppy Birthday!!! Best wishes for the new year!! And Deb~~~Marshall's is one of my favorites too!! Lookie at all the goodies! I want to go shopping but am in no shopping mode right now (sigh) French;)

PAT said...

Wonderful post, Deb! Happy b'day to Sunni, she's very pretty. I love her name! We almost share a birthday. Mine is today...I'm 65.

I'm challenging you to play Susie Q's Game. It's fun! We're going to the lake. I have a scheduled post for Sunday. The details are in that post.

Have a great weekend.

Scooterblu's Whimsy said...

Happy Birthday, Sunni! She is a pretty lady!

Loved your shopping tour! I need the shell pot! Have the perfect place for it! LOL! ...and the whimsical sign was too cute!

Have a great weekend! ~Rhonda :)

Ruthie said...

What fun - I felt like I was right there shopping with you. And that was so sweet of you to give the glasses to Sunni! That @ sign is too cute - perfect for your computer area!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO SUNNI! She looks like a happy, sunny girl.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Connie said...

Aaaaackkkk, Deb, I thought I had your email addy and wanted to give you a "heads up" on a giveaway I'm having tomorrow! Faux pastries!!!!!! Please go over tomorrow and register to win! You're so sweet and the sweets are for the sweets!!! Hah,

This Country Girl said...

Happy Birthday to Sunni and what a lovely name by the way!

It sounds like you had quite a day too, Deb! I enjoyed sharing the day with you through the pictures! And I really should check out a Marshalls!

Have a great weekend!

Picket said...

Happy Birthday to you Sunni!!!! Hope you had a great one!!! Oh Deb I loved the shopping trip and I saw a couple of things I could have throwed in the buggy! lol I just absolutely love your new look in the den..I still can't get over the is gorgeous! have a great day sweetie!

Shanda said...

Man Oh man!! I love your once upon a time sign. Your Salvation army store is huge compared to ours. Looks like a lot of good stuff in there also. Our's ends up being a lot of yard sale reject stuff. Looks like you found some nice treasure's to call your own. Good for you.
I hope and pray for you and think of you often, I know its hard going through all you've been through with your daddy and all. I glad to see that your out and about. Take care,

Lea of Farmhouse Blessings said...

What a perfect name for Sunni! Her smile got me smiling too. Happy Birthday Sunni!

Sure had fun "shopping" with you. What fun! I'll have to take my camera along next time too. Great idea!


KKJD1 said...

Happy Birthday Sunni! Hope you all have a great weekend. Dont forget to come by my blog and sign up for giveaway #2! Karen

Jan Parrish said...

Oh, great selection. I love that sign. I also love the leather ottoman. Thanks for taking us shopping with you!

Deb said...

Thanks everyone for your Birthday wishes to Sunni,she was so amazed by your kindness. Deb

Artfulife said...

I love your home pictures that you posted. It looks so calm and peaceful in your home. I would love to trade you something for the rest of your wall symbols. Would you be interested? Have a blast this weekend.

MimiG said...

Looks like you were in my part of town shopping. Do you ever visit the Goodwill on 150?