Saturday, June 14, 2008

New Meme

I planted this Horsetail in one of my beds and before I knew it there were hundreds, I pull them up and they come back, I'm convinced there will always be a straggler or two. This Meme will tell a little about me, but I will add a tid-bit. I'm kinda like this Horsetail I can get along beautifully in a crowd, I love people. I love to host gatherings, of family friends. Even if you know someone who you think may want to come with you bring em on, the more the merrier. Now on normal day to day basis you will see me alone, and I like it that way.

I've been tagged by Melanie, of Monday through Sunday, thanks Melanie for wanting to know more about me, I just wish I was more interesting than I am.
The categories are : Five things I do for myself, five things I do for my friend, child, or partner, five things I have done for a stranger, five things I do for fun and last five to tag.

Five things I do for myself
1. I keep the hair from my chin
2. Pray
3. Paint my toenails
4. Mind my own business ( you stay out of troubles that way)
5. I perm my own hair

Five kind things I do for my friends child or partner
1. I’m always there when they need me
2. I rub my husbands back without him asking
3. I bring my husband breakfast in bed every Saturday & Sunday morning
4. I give advice strictly from the bible
5. Give my husband manicures and pedicures

Five kind things I have done for a stranger
1. Given great directions
2. Offered my cell phone to a stranded motorist to call for help
3. I bought a homeless man a sandwich, he got mad, tore it up and said he didn’t eat meat
4. I helped a little girl find her momma in Wal-Mart (took her to the service desk so they could page her)
5. Helped a man at the check out that didn’t have enough money

Five things I do for fun
1. Amusement Parks
2. Karaoke
3. Swimming
4. Gardening
5. Blog

Five tags

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Just a few more pics from from what I love, My Garden.

Balloon Flowers

I don't know what this one is called but it's tall blades of grass, then it blooms beautiful orange flowers.

This is what they look like in full bloom.