Monday, September 29, 2008


Remember this little guy. Well Hallelujah! He's home! He came home Saturday, Praise God!

And remember this kitchen, no, it's not done but I've started.

This is the beginning, once I tore into the paper, it became a project that has to be done.
I've also removed the green back splash that matches the counter top, I'm keeping the counter top unless the Good Fairy makes an overnight appearance. I wanted to remove the back splash be cause where I paint I don't want any breaks, I want a continuous wall color.

I had to use a box cutter to score the bottom and top of the back splash and peel it away from the wall. As you can see I damaged the wall a little but all I'll have to do is sand the adhesive off and apply a thin layer of sheet rock mud and sand smooth.

I've made it all the way around to the large wall in back. It looks so bland, I can't wait until I can paint.

This is what I have left, the wall going into the laundry room, behind the refrigerator, and I'm also removing the back splash in this area here.
But I'm leaving it here by the stove I figure since the counters will be green over by the sink this area will all look just fine plus I need something I will have no problem keeping clean. I have not done any work in there today, maybe I'll be motivated to continue by tomorrow. I keep getting

Saturday night my husband, his brother and wife, and I went downtown Birmingham to the Taste Of Fourth Avenue Jazz Festival. It was a free Jazz Concert, sponsored by The City Of Birmingham, Urban Impact, 98.7 Kiss FM, and the Alabama Jazz Hall Of Fame. This is a picture of the stage, it's sitting right in the middle of 4th avenue and the people you see are standing where cars actually drive.
This picture is also in front of the stage, people were as far as I could see. Vendors were set up selling food, and beverages. Right to the left of this picture in the white shirt is my husband he didn't know he was in the picture. The area behind him was full of people too.

This picture is blurred because the people here in front of the stage were all dancing and having a ball. The music was fantastic! Earlier there had also been a Cultural Parade, they had an Art Village, Children's Activities, and Swing Dancing. We didn't go downtown until about 9.00pm, it was over about 12.00am. I really enjoyed it and will go again next year if the have it.
This is Annie and Sherman, my brother and sister in law. No, I don't have a picture of me here. I don't believe it! It was my intentions to have Annie take a picture of my husband and myself together but, I forgot.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Fashion Fridays ~ From ~ Deb's Closet

Welcome to Fashion Friday's hosted by Fifi, at Fifi Flowers Design. I love how she's included anything that you may think is fashionable instead of just clothing. This is a post I did a while back as I also hosted a Fashion Friday but it never really took off. I'm so glad that Fifi has organized Fashionable Friday's because now I get to participate in something I think is quite fun!!!!!

Let's start with the accessories, today I'm using Ralph Lauren's Romance, I always use this Par fum for shinny and glittery nights. I'm also using Silver and Pearls as my jewelry selection. As my friend Connie would correct me to say faux Silver and Pearls because they are not real. Okay! LOL! My shoe choice is a Pewter, peep toe, with a buckle for added interest, 32.00 on sale.

Today I'm going to revisit an outfit. It's one of the outfits I bought while in Macy's during my Fashion show and today I'm showing it with the accessories I've chosen. Actually this jewelry is Silver but, I guess it is mirroring the brown in the top, and giving off a gold accent. I have paired the top with my white linen Bermuda shorts. The shoes are also taking on that goldish hue but, that's okay I love how it changes for the outfit.

I couldn't get a good picture of the necklace, it shows as gold, and it's totally silver. I was drawn to this necklace because it reminded me of the coin jewelry from long ago, and I loved how the weight and shape of it shifts to one side instead of being symmetrical.
Do you remember the jewelry that was like nickels, dimes and if I'm remembering correctly it was buffalo head nickles. Sometimes clothing would have chain belts that also had these coins. I can remember having a red plaid skirt that had one of those belts. This necklace and earring set is by Jordi's European Collection.

Here I'm honoring my friend Nikki Crumpet's request to model an outfit this time. Hi Nikki! Just for you!

Here I used my denim shorts shown last week with the pink blouse. The denim dresses it down a little but, not much so this could still be worn on a nice dinner date.
I must confess a weight gain of about 5 pounds but, I'm still trying to maintain the inches I've lost but I'm beginning to feel a tightness in my clothes. Monday my friend Mary in Texas and I plan to start the Slim'n 6 exercise program together. Pray for us. :O( I wish there was something I could love about exercise, I'm dying just thinking about it. Anyway I'm going to eat everything in sight this weekend getting it all out of my system for next week. LOL!!!!

This is a close up of the shoe, I have not been able to find a purse that I think would be perfect with this shoe.

But, I thought that maybe I could get away with this white bag with this out fit because there's white in the outfit. What do you think?

Remember this?

Well, I thought I'd wear this outfit for you, it's also from a previous post.

This concludes this Fashionable Friday's post, I hope you enjoyed it and will join me again soon. I'm finding that that closet of nothing, is really full of many options. Just pick a shoe and search for the things that will go with it. You'll find you have more than you think. Then take a picture of it for future reference because you will forget how you've pair it. Deb

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

No Friends, You Misunderstood

No, friends you misunderstood, it was not anyone from blogland but, someone who reads my blog that has to know me personally, because the call was to my cell phone concerning something on my blog. It was meant as a joke but was not at all funny to me. So the message was for that person and not any blogger. I don't even care who it was and I'm sure the matter is settled now by my message that I was not pleased , and so now I'm done with it. Thanks so much for your concern of the matter. Deb

This Message Is For My Prank Caller

This is for the person that was responsible for the prank call made to me this evening.

1. I don't play those games and I don't know of any person that I would do that to, joking or not.

2. My cell phone number is personal to me and I only give it to people that I feel are near and dear to me. I never would think that anyone of those persons would give my number out to someone for malicious purposes, joking or not.

3. I try to be fun and kind to all but, I have to draw the line somewhere. You better hope that I never find out which one of you did this, because I will be reluctant to ever trust you again.

4. If you enjoy my blog, just enjoy it. Don't think of ways to use it for meanness.

5. Now you go, have a nice dinner and be very pleased with yourself. I will not pursue this issue any further because I don't even want to know which one of you did this, but, know that I don't enjoy pranks and absolutely have no sense of humor when it comes to this kind of thing.


Please Accept These Flowers

Hi everybody! I know I haven't been around much in the past few days but, I've been extra busy. I'm still engaged in removing the wall paper in the kitchen along with a few other things. My intentions yesterday were to go to the hospital to visit with my grand son, he has not gotten his weight up and he's having a bit of trouble temp wise but, I didn't make that. So today he is first on my list. Please pray he'll be coming home soon. He's coming along but, slowly.

Since I won't be blogging much today, with grocery shopping, a trip to the post office, and home depot also on my list, I hope you'll accept these flowers. I know, I know, they're not much and I'm looking a mess but, please bear with me, I'll try and get back soon. I pray everyone has one the best days of life today, and God bless you all.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Fashion Friday ~ From~ Deb's Closet

Let me begin again with the accessories, this started out to be a little hard, pink being my main color again. Though this time I wanted while it is still warm here, to choose something still fit for the hot weather. I've chosen pink shoes, gold and pink jewelry,and my choice of Par fum is Very Irresistible by Givenchy. A must have, I love it! It has a very playful fragrance.

Here I've chosen to pair a dark blue wash, denim Bermuda short, by dockers, a pink short sleeved blouse; using gold jewelry. Shoes, Sam & Libby. I bought them on sale at Macy's about three years ago for about 16.99. As a rule I hardly ever buy unless it's on sale unless it's for a very special occasion.

Here I'm using, the pink jewelry just to show how all pieces can work the same outfit. Simple pink blouse was found at Walmart for about 9.99.

Here I chose the softening effects of a cream top by sunny leigh, with the same denim short but adding a splash of color by using pink jewelry and shoes. The jewelry doesn't have to be expensive at all. This is some that I've picked up here or there for just about pennies.

Here I'm using the same outfit with gold jewelry to dress things up slightly for a casual evening out. The necklace and earrings were ordered from Avon, and I'm using my everyday watch and a bracelet fit for evening wear.

Here I'm using the same softness from above with the top by sunny leigh, I was drawn to the softness of the sheer fabric used around the neck and as a bow. I could picture the bow blowing slightly in the wind. Here it's paired with linen, Bermuda shorts also by sunny leigh. I love this clothing line because it always fits my body type, what ever that is and manages to hide it's budges and bumps.

Here I'm calling this the unexpected, I'm pairing the pink blouse and linen short and I do find that you can pair just about anything pulling it all together with the accessories. The purse I'm using has a darker color variation of the shorts at the very top and through out, allowing everything to come together perfectly.

I'm noticing that I have quite a few purses from Cato, I don't remember how much I paid for this one but, I'm sure it was under 15.00. It goes a long way with color, there's orange, aqua, and mint green that I have yet to explore. This concludes my Fashion Fridays post, I hope you enjoyed.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

My Not Fake ~ But ~ Artificial Plants

I'll start in the den, I have added a Peony bloom to an existing fake I mean artificial plant that I like. The plant has the garden look that I love. The little gold jar I got at Walgreens as Fall decorations. It was 6.99 and get a second half price. I bought two. They have a candle inside but I'm sad to say that they don't smell very good. Seems like they would have smelled like Pumpkin Pie or something but they smell like that long time ago soap that I hated called, Cashmere Bouquet. Does anybody remember that terrible soap? It was right up there in my mind with another product I hated, Tussy deodorant.

My Artificial fern in my monkey planter, I 'm okay with this too. It's a small planter and wouldn't support the root system of a live fern, so I think artificial is in order here.

The little greenery in this pot, I'm sure hurts no one. I have no direct sunlight in my kitchen, because my screened porch it right off from it, so I don't get the sun needed for real plants. So that's legitimate reason enough for me. See there are reasons we use them, not just because we're fake plant junkies.

I love this orchid, I tried growing a live one once and failed, so this one is fine and think it's perfect for this corner. So it's here because I love them but can't grow them. Good huh?

This was actually a candle round, but I took it apart and place it here to hide the crack between the frame and shelf. It serves it's purpose well. Oh! I have started to remove the wall paper! That's why I've been sort of missing these days, I'll still try and do my Fashion Friday post, but I'll be out of town this weekend.

Greenery in the dining room, I think it adds coziness and that really works for me because I also love the outdoors feel, which is what I was going for. All I added as Fall decoration here are the Pilgrims. The plant that's lower on the left is real, but the taller tree you'll see in the picture below is artificial.

This is a picture I took a while back. Some things you see here are longer here anymore. In this picture it shows the beverage cart in the corner better, it has artificial flowers and the table in the back still has the greenery from Christmas, but the plant up front to the right is real.

I really don't think I have too many, just enough to add a little softness or fullness to the rooms, that's all. Also this picture shows when I had the clock that I now have in the den. I change things around a lot. Below I'll show what's in the dining room now taking the place of the clock.

This is what's in the dinning room now. This camera is killing me! I just don't have time to go back to try and get a clearer picture this one will have to do. I'd planned on getting one as a Christmas gift but, I will have to get a new one before Christmas because I can't take anymore. Does anyone have any inexpensive suggestions?

Monday, September 15, 2008

Here I Go Again!

I've been tagged by Brown Eyes @ Blinks 'N Winks From Brown Eyes to tell 7 things about myself. I hope this isn't my chance to prove to the world that I'm a lunatic. :O)

1. I'm a morning person, I go to bed at night just bursting at the seems for tomorrow. Day break is just fine with me, I don't want to miss a moment.

2. I have this game that I play with my dog where I chase her around the house saying Minipoo, I'm gonna get you! I'm gonna get you! She runs fast as lightening trying to get away it's hilarious and she loves it.

3. Next game I play with her, I get down on my knees and hide, someplace and call her, when she finds me I make a loud roar or noise to frighten her and then I start to chase her. She loves that too.

4. This morning I think I broke my toe, playing this game. Gosh it hurts!

4. This week I'm finally going to get started removing the wall paper in my kitchen.

5. In the next couple of weeks I will be standing under the bucket getting drenched at our local Amusement / Water Park! WOO!!! HOO!!! Got to get that last trip in before they close the for Winter.

6. I don't have to cook today!!! Yea!!!! I have enough leftovers from yesterday!

7. I'm really hoping that all of you had a wonderful weekend.

The rules are to.....

1. Link your tagger and list these rules on your blog.
2: Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird
3. Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs.

Sorry I've decided that I'm not going to tag anyone, just play along if you like.

Friday, September 12, 2008

~Fashion Fridays ~ From ~ Deb's Closet~

First I want to start with accessories, as all of the above items can be paired with the items below. I pick this pair of shoes that I love to sort of show how I would mix and match in order to find the most chances possible to wear them. I chose burgundy and brown jewelry and one of my favorite Par fums Ralph Lauren's Romance. The other items, picture frame, candle and trinket box are just a few items on my dressing table.

Let's start with this jean skirt, I ordered it from Newport News. I guess what I really liked about was the Nautical look. It's a long skirt almost to the ankle. The two front pockets and buttons added interest to me. I could picture it casual or dress it up with the blouse below.

I love the delicate look of this blouse, probably because of the fabric rose which leans to not having to wear a necklace. I have to wear a light weight Cami, because of it's sheerness.

See how it softens and dresses up this skirt

And the burgundy accessories brings it back from dainty to bold. Below I will pair this white blouse with a suit of mine.

Now this is a suit that I love, it's by apostrophe', I bought it a couple of years ago at Sears. I'm often drawn to clothing that is considered timeless.

Here I use the white blouse and burgundy accessories, the rose on the blouse keeps me from having to wear a necklace but, I use the burgundy earrings and shoes. The shoes I had two years before a wore them. I remember when I saw them at Shoe Dept, they were the only pair left and they were my size. I tried them on and the comfort blew me away. They were mark 39.99 and I could not walk away though I could think of nothing I had to wear them with. After watching What Not To Wear I found that you can pair up just about anything but, I pretty much stick with the basics.

This is another blouse by sunny leigh, I use with the grey suit, I love the way it shimmers and the design at the bottom of the sleeves.

It's uses a silky tie that goes through the cuffs, I could possibly use cuff links it I found some suitable for women. LOL!!! My camera does not give the color it's justice.

Here it's shown with the grey suit, here I'm able to accessorize with a necklace

Here I'm pairing the blouse with a brown pant. I love brown. I feel I can get away with this because of this brown and burgundy bracelet that I paid 3.99 for. The earrings shown I paid 1.99. I have brown earrings in the first picture above with the accessories but, I don't know why I didn't think to put them in this pic also but they too were a whopping 1.99 at Simply Fashions.

Here's a close-up of the shoe, yes they are as soft as they look!

Last but not least, another Cato purse. Not designer but a cute 14.99, perfect for the burgundy and brown outfit. This concludes my picks for this Fashion Friday, hope you enjoyed. Deb