Friday, October 17, 2008

Dont Laugh This Is Only A Test!

Don't laugh this is only a test to see if my new camera will load a video onto blogger and it probably won't be a post long as I plan to delete it.

Sorry I had to delete the video of myself speaking with my lovely Southern Accent, and I'm sorry a lot of you missed it. I'm going to read my manual to see if changing the pixel settings will keep the video from slowing down my computer. I'm going to try again soon!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

~The Kitchens Done~

Okay here it is all done, well I'll have to admit not much changed other than the wallpaper being removed and I took out some of the colorful items and went with a more garden decor to match my dining room. I took the large picture from my foyer I've always loved it, so now I get to see more of it as I'm always in this kitchen. LOL! You'll see it better in the picture below.

I took that little plant stand from downstairs and if you notice I also swapped the out the chairs with some I had down stairs to give a more out of doors feel. Remember the cream bowl that I found at the Salvation Army Thrift Store, that's it sitting on top of the plant stand. I pulled the birdhouse from a box in the garage. And I have embellished the candle holders that I got from Dot with lush greenery. LOL!!!!

I love these little signs, I bought two from a local store for 3.99 each, the other is above the sink area.

This is a view from over by the stove. I thought about doing a mosaic on top of my little make shift island, maybe that will be a project for the future. (Yeah right!) But it's a thought, I also thought about doing one on top of the kitchen table.

Remember I'd said I was going to leave everything the same over here, but after I was done it looked as if I had this dark hole over here so I painted here as well. I have lights under the counter but the bulbs have burned out and I have to get some. I went the other day but forgot to take the bulb with me and didn't know what size to get, they are very small and flat. My husband has some recess lights that he's going to put in the ceiling over by the stove. Let's hope all that is done by the holidays. All white appliances are in here but, I don't think I will be changing them anytime soon the way the economy is now. The only way would be if the stores put on some Mega Blowout sale because they are hurting also.

Over by the sink area, I think it looks so much better that the color of the walls has a continuous flow. Before I started to leave the Formica wall panel that matched the counters but I am so glad I didn't. The plate rack use to be in my country den, so I thought I'd use it here and I searched and searched around different stores trying to find decorative plates to go on it but just couldn't find what I had in mind. Then it dawned on me just this morning to use my everyday plates.

Here is the other sign placed above the shelf over the sink area. The cherub Joy what-nots I've had forever. I bought them for Christmas decorations and never took them down. The Lord wants us to have Joy always, right? Added a little lush greenery and I was good to go. lol!

Closeup of the plate rack and a few decorations in this corner.

View from the dining room, I kept my same curtains, I couldn't find any that I liked better or maybe I will think about adding bamboo shades later. Got to make do besides, the curtains are in perfect condition and I always say: "If it ain't broke, don't fix it"!

Last, this is what I chose to do with the cloches, I just love this cow and although you don't find cows in the garden you do find them in kitchens. This cow and a little basket with the milk bottles used to sit on a shelf in the old kitchen but, I think this turned out to be a great spot for them now. I'm sure during Christmas time I will use the cloches for Christmas decorations to make it festive in here. Well I'm done now, I know it's nothing to scream about but with the green counters I'm limited on what I can do, plus I didn't want to have to change my dishes and all my accessories because they would so not go with any other colors other than green or something neutral. And if I ever have to sell the house, the color would already be what they're looking for, at least in the kitchen.

Saturday, October 11, 2008


Hi everybody! I know I haven't been around a lot lately and I've had a lot of questions about the paint color of my kitchen, no it's not green. It's what I chose early on which is a creamy beige. When I was done painting it, it for some reason looked to be a light gold. But when I put the paint card against it, it looks the same so I guess it just my eyes but the color is slowly growing on me. I had decided to leave the area by the stove the way it was but I don't like it so today I'm going to paint there also. Then of course I plan to paint my base boards and door trims and the ceiling so I'm not done yet! Then I chose not to put all the decorations I had before and I'm going for the garden look that I like and garden decor is pretty much out of season now. Maybe next week Ill be done. Then I've been out a lot this pass week shopping around, didn't find anything for the kitchen but I found some things for my bedroom which is next on my to do list. I'm posting some pictures of one of my shopping trips, this one I met up with my cousin who lives in Pelham and we both love Kirkland's so these are pictures from that trip.

I fell absolutely in love with this Fleur-De-Lis Canister Set, it has a antique gold finish and swirl glass. Or course I bought it they are nice sizes and I thought it would be beautiful filled with ornaments for the Christmas holidays. So I bought a set, it was 29.00 but I loved it so much.

I loved picture frame, it looks as if the tin was cut and bent back and I just love the colors but it
was 29.00 and I was not on a 29.00 roll.

This was a canister set to match. The colors look slightly different in this picture it must be the lighting. It was 29.00 too, so it's there waiting for someone else.

This was cute little fall centerpiece it's sitting on a cute little accent table that they had.

My cousin Marie, fell in love with this vase and the great fall colored flowers that was in it but...

She bought this chair, isn't it beautiful, and it really fits perfectly in her living room. It really added to it's beauty.

Then I spotted this Cloche, I noticed a lot of you have them and I thought it would be nice to have one for myself because there are so many things you can use to decorate them but get this! There was one in the box and one on the shelf. I looked at the price tag and it said 9.97. I thought I would like to have the other one too, and I thought about painting the bottom to dress it up and I thought it too would be great at Christmas. So when I got the one in the box it had two price tags one for 9.97 and one for 4.97. So I ran to the counter and asked the young lady to check the price for me and she said they were 4.97! Hallelujah! I got them both for 10.00 and they're a really nice size. I'm using them in my kitchen now and I'll show you how when I post pictures.

Then they had they're Christmas decorations out. I loved the little old timed trucks and cars.

Look at this big fat snowman, he's cute. 59.00 cute I also waved so long to him.

Cute Santa pictures were 59.00. I wonder why? My goodness! Seems like 29.00 would have been a great price for these.

Beautiful! nativity scene

Cute little lamps! 9.99

Nice Vanity with mirror 399.00

Beautiful little jewelry holder, 24.99

Here's another still in the box. Very beautiful! Would have been nice to picture for a fashion Friday post but, really! LOL!!! 24.99 I don't think so!
I will be visiting soon maybe later this evening to catch up on what's been going on in your worlds I hope all has been well. Deb

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

~What's Going On~

My mind is in total turmoil. I've my begun painting and I'm not so sure I like the color! For some reason it's been so hard choosing a color because of the green counter tops. I hope I can make it through this my husband says it's the color that is on the card but for me I don't think so, and I don't know if I like this. LOL!!!! I may be out for a while, because I may be choosing a new paint color, then I may never put on my painter's hat again! LOL!!! Deb

Now on a lighter note. Remember this bunch? This was before baby Alex as a matter of fact you can see him in the picture.

Well these two, members of the ponytail crew, were oh so content with their hair do's. My son will probably never cut his hair, it's actually longer than mine. Below is a picture of him when he was graduating from high school. I love it this way, but to each his own. Stay out of it, mom!

See, big difference!

And then there's Poogly, when he isn't wearing a ponytail he's wearing a Kramer. LOL!!!!

Okay, fat chance of Kevin cutting his hair, so that's not an issue. Now Master Poogly on the other hand doesn't like getting his hair combed. So Saturday Night! Kevin emailed me this picture!

Hallelujah !!! Excuse the nudity please!!!!! But look ! Master Poogly with a haircut! Kevin cut it. Isn't he handsome! I utterly screamed when I saw this! And he looks like "What just happened here"? I asked Kevin how did he behave while getting the cut and he said, pretty good. Well that's what's happening in my world, hope yours is great too!


Friday, October 3, 2008

Is It Fashionable To Be Organized?

I think so, this is my little dressing table. It once belonged to my Grandmother Carrie. I use to watch her when I was a child every night pull out her brush and brush her long silvery hair, part it down the middle and braid each side and pin them into neat coils in the back of her head. It was downstairs in the garage after several attempts to make it be something else, a desk in the grand kids room, a computer desk, now it serves the purpose it was meant to.

There are three drawers on each side

And one long drawer in the middle and underneath and opening for a chair. I really enjoy sitting here putting on my makeup, styling my hair, painting my nails, or picking out and putting on my jewelry.

Most of the time it's really a mess, this is an understatement.

This is how my jewelry drawer use to look, everything all jumbled in this drawer making it very hard to find anything.

And the rest on the table top in this jewelry box, maybe I would find an earring here and the other to match in the drawer on the other side.

Then the other day I was in Walmart looking for foil and my eyes ran across these snack bags. Well I thought they would be perfect to house my jewelry. One hundred bags for 1.38 cents. If one should break I'll have plenty as a replacements but I would probably never run out.

So I did a search for all of my pink jewelry, and threw away the ones that didn't have matches. After getting it all together I put them neatly away in the bags. They have a zip lock top.

Amazingly all of this fit into one bag.

Then I took my burgundy jewelry and did the same. It took two bags because there were large pieces in this group.

Now whenever I need to find something quick, all I have to do is pull out the bag that has the color I need.

And the drawer doesn't look like a tangled mess. I hope you enjoyed Fashion Friday's and I hope you can find a use for these small bags, it would cost only pennies. I'll be back next Friday with more fashion, the kitchen has been more than it's share of work this week and I'm still not done. Deb

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

New Camera! ~ Minipoo! ~ Meme!

First I want to say I have a new camera, it's a Cannon Power Shot so, finally I'm able to get a picture of Miss Minipoo. My camera before would do all these flashes and take the picture on the last flash, by then she would have looked away or run away. So here's my little darling, sweetie pie, Pooey, and look I groomed her last night!!! She had a hair hanging in her eyes again that I thought had to be horrible trying to see through so, I took the scissors and trimmed it all by myself. She just held really still so I could do it. And we made it through with no injuries. Isn't she beautiful! Look at those eyes! LOL!!!! Yall know I love my little girl!

Okay, I've been tagged by Jenn @ Bittersweet Prims to do a list of fours about myself. So here goes.

* Four jobs I've had in my life*

Short-order cook
Dispatcher for a wrecker company - all men, it's was horrible the way they carried on with their body functions, gas galore! I think I lasted only a month
Claims examiner at a health insurance company

*Four movies I can watch over and over*

Driving Miss Daisy- I loved the relationship that developed between the two main characters.
The Parent Trap - I love this movie and the two below because I'm a sucker for a happy ending.
Coming to America
Diary of a mad black woman

*Four places I've live*

Birmingham, Alabama
Buffalo New York- for two years, I loved it there I always told myself that I would go back there but I guess in another place in time.
Back home again!

*Four TV shows I love to watch*

Everybody loves Raymond- Reruns I know, "Love Them"
Andy Griffith - You gotta love Barney LOL!!
Designed to Sell - I love seeing the transformations!
Fraiser- I really get a kick out of the old ones. I was also a hopeless fan of Bob Newhart, both shows. LOL!! The old comedies take me away from the woes of this world.

*Four places I've been on vacation*

Disney World Orlando, FL. This was the best trip ever! We stayed three days at the All Sports Resort. It was like we were in another world.
Gatlinburg TN.
Atlanta GA.
Mississippi - I know nothing to write home about but, I hate long trips unless I'm going to be gone at least a week then I have time before the trip back. I'll let you in on a secret, I've never been on a plane and at this late date it horrifies me.

*Four of my favorite dishes*

Dot's recipe for Chicken and Dumplings
Fried Catfish, with fried okra, and creamed potatoes
Fried Green tomatoes
My Homemade Chili

*Four websites I visit daily*

WZZK radio station, almost daily- they have a list of last songs played and when I'm riding in my car and here something I like I may go to see what it was if I forgot the name, I can always remember the time it was.
My -almost daily
My blog
You - almost daily

*Four places I'd rather be right now*

I'd rather be standing in my kitchen looking at the finished job.
On my way to the Florida Keys with my husband
Tucked away on an Island staying at a Bed and Breakfast
Slow dancing with him in the moonlight

I'm suppose to tag four, but I won't, if you'd like play along, "PLEASE DO"