Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Happy Birthday Treasures

My day began with this birthday card from my husband, it says: "I Love Being Married To You" Well, I knew that! LOL!!!! Inside there was a big old gift inside too, if you know what I mean? I love to shop for myself unless it's jewelry.

This is the breakfast that he cooked for me, Old Plantation smoked sausages, grits, eggs, toast, and orange juice. Boy I was shock at how good it was. I had told him to make sure my eggs weren't brown and scorched because that's how they've been in the past and he pulled it off. Thanks baby, your breakfast for me was wonderful!

This is my daughter, she stopped by with a lovely gift. If you look closely you will see that it has eight votive candles. She asked, where are you going to put it? So I walked around the house looking for a place but all the spaces were filled. Then I look over the fireplace and inside the mirror, I could tell was the perfect dimension for this candle holder.

See it fit to a tee. I just used a piece of wire and attached it on a nail above, it will also be easy to clean the mirror when needed. I haven't lit the candles yet, I'm waiting for a special occasion.

My sister brought this card filled with cheer!

Left to right: An Angel with wings that are my birthstone with a lovely bible verse, Freesia bath soak, a Garden Rain Reed Diffuser, nectarine blossom foot scrub and spa socks.

This is the gift I received from my Secret Pal, one of the ladies in my club. This lovely green box held,

this lovely necklace and earrings by Erica Lyons.

I took this picture so you could see them but, could show myself, I'm having a really bad, bad, hair day in this photo.

Two of my grand kids mother, brought me a card and this cake. No, I didn't eat all of it, I gave my grandsons some to take home with them.

I got these two rose plants. Camelot in pink, and Golden Masterpiece. I can't wait until Good Friday.

Others just gave me money! I put it all together and went shopping! I bought this bag and shoes

and this bag and shoes. Yes, they both are black but I needed black in somewhat dressy and not so dressy. So these are my little treasures.

The gifts were really nice and all but, really I was just so thankful to the Lord that He'd granted me another year. And I pray that there will be many, many, more for me and for you! Deb