Friday, August 29, 2008

Welcome to Fashion Fridays

First I would like to introduce a few World Class Fashion Diva's.

Betty Boop

Remember Betty was pretty outrageous for that period of time

No, there was nothing discreet about Betty

Poor Olive she's wondering how will she compete with that but......

Even a girl named Olive Oyl

Cleans up good

Then we have Miss Piggy

Nothing discreet about her either, and Miss Piggy was determined to get her man

And that she did!!

Now for the Absolute Fashion Diva of all times

Madame, I loved her and saw her live once at the Comedy Club

She's a very none discreet Sweet Chick, as my friend Connie would say and they are both tell it like it is, kinda girls

Wait a minute, who's this?

Excuse me, this lady is not in the show. Miss, Miss, you'll have to leave the stage!!!

I'll take care of this!

Not Johnny Bravo! Okay now we're really off track

Sorry! Here's Deb, all the way from Birmingham Alabama, modeling Casual Wear, all fashions are from Macy's Department Store * Brookwood Village Mall *

Here I'm wearing wide leg blue jeans by Jones New York and a brown, black, and off white tunic by Style & Co. I loved them both and get this ladies, I bought them!

This multi-colored little piece is by Style & Co., I love the neck on this one. I also loved that it was very light-weight and comfortable.

This is the tunic from the first picture and white shorts by Sunny Leigh which I purchased. Yes this trip cost me a little, but I enjoyed the trip. Notice I tried to get a new pose, Ha! I am by no means a model.

Here I'm wearing a red short sleeved sweater by Jones New York and shorts by Charter Club. I guess you can tell by now that I love the Bermuda shorts, I 'm just drawn to them like a moth to a flame. I really loved that sweater but couldn't get over the cost, 69.99 I didn't think I should pay that.

Please stop by and visit, the other Fashion Fridays participants they are .....
Donna @ Donna's Story
Kady @ Life On Bonnie Lane
Mrs. B @ Mrs. B's

Note you can show your fashion any way you like, you don't have to model.

That's all folks!!!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

All Aboard!!!! for Fashion Fridays!!!!

Ladies and Gentlemen! Fashion Fridays are near, come one, come all and join in on the fun!!! I Deb your hostess would like to address a few questions I got concerning the show. Kady @ On Bonnie Lane wanted to know if she could model at home wearing something she already has. Of Course! Mrs. B wanted to know if she could model shoes. Of Course!
It's all about fashion! If you would like to show off shoes, clothing, jewelery, purses, hats, or anything pertaining to fashion whether you are wearing it or not. Got a beautiful dress and you don't want to wear it, just photograph it and join in on the fun!!!! I would love to have you any Friday!

You can let me know if you are participating and I will link you on my post or just participate!!!
Feel free to take the smaller pic if you like and post it on your blog and let's have fun!!!!!!!!!

Friday, August 22, 2008

I'm Hosting a Fashion Show!

I'm going to host a Fashion Show! I got the idea yesterday morning as I was on my way to my neighborhood Peebles Department Store. I was looking for a nice dress, nothing to dressy, just something with a casual feel. Then I thought how fun would it be to have a Fashion Show. Everyone could pick a catorgory of attire, then take a picture in that outfit or outfits.
This is my own clothes. I didn't think I looked too bad until I got a look in the dressing room mirror. It was sort of like being on "What Not To Wear". I love that show, and I've tried to pick up a few pointers but, I don't think I'm there yet. Looking at this picture maybe I could have chosen a different top but... Oh well, here I am.
This little dress I kinda really like. I would try a different shoe, maybe something thin and strappy with a slightly higher heel. I'm really not posing, I had to tilt my head to keep the glare of the flash from hiding my face.

I really loved the colors of this one but, it fit a little snug. They had a larger size I just didn't go back out to get it because the noise that my camera was making when it flashed got me to feeling a little nervous. I could hear ladies in dressing rooms on each side of me and I kept wondering " What Were They Thinking"?. Well Peebles was kinda limited on their styles and I didn't see a whole lot that I wanted to try. So for the fashion show next week I will have to go some place that has a variety of clothing. This is similar to the Bathroom Diva's that Shelia over at Note Songs is host of. Next week, I too, will join the Bathroom Divas! LOL!!!!
Anyways, you can choose from any or all categories or one category each week and start a "Fashion Friday" if you like.

Business Casual
Evening Wear.

The Fashion Show will be held next Friday the 29th of August, and to all that would like to participate, let me know in your comment and I'll set up a link to you from my post. Let's Have Fun! And remember, "No Clothing Will Be Harmed" in the making of this show, and who knows, the stores may even make a few sales. LOL!!!

I couldn't leave the store without looking around for other things to share. This was some lovely items with Roosters.

These items were nautical theme dinnerware.

These were nautical theme decorations, I loved the Lake, Swim, and Boats signs. There was also a large sign that said Beach.

This silly duck caught my eye too!

For all my Prim gals, they had plenty for you. At 40% off even!

This red sign reads, Celebrate Family * Friends * Traditions. Well that's all from my shopping trip, and I hope to see you guys at the Fashion Show!.

Last but not least, two awards from my good friend Tammy, at Country Girl At Home. I love visiting with Tammy, she is a very talented lady, she decorates her home in the warmth of country. She shares the her love of family, friends, and life. Thank you so much Tammy for thinking of me. I am blessed to have you as a friend. Deb

Monday, August 18, 2008

Special, Special, Delivery! ~ Couldn't Wait til Friday

I know I'm not suppose to be here posting but, as you know, I was lucky again and won the giveaway hosted by Dot @ Picket's Place. Well I couldn't wait until friday to share this with you. My husband was on his way to the mailbox, when he opened the door, this is what he found. I'd been home all day, and the mailman is suppose to ring the bell to let you know he's leaving a package but he just left it, no bell. Anyway "I WAS THRILLED"! when I saw it.

I opened it right away!

Inside was a note from Dot, her words were so kind and beautiful, I felt blessed to have received the note if there was nothing else.

The lovely pear shaped dishes were so beautiful, and she even added a book that I plan to use for the recipes that you guys post. I'll add your names so that I'll know that it came from you.

Here, are the black candle holders and a package of note cards and envelopes to match the recipe book.

Dot said, every room needs a little black and I think these will fit well into my kitchen, as I already have a few touches of black, and the frogs remind me of Dot's story about her Frogie.

See, they look great!. No I haven't began to tackle the kitchen yet. I bought a couple of gadgets to remove the wallpaper but, I can't get started. I guess even though I'm tired of it, it seems like an old familiar face that I'll be getting rid of. I think that once I finish my must do list, I'll start on the kitchen.

Wow! look how well Dot's pear dishes matches my platter, I found a little bowl at the Dollar Tree yesterday that will do in the center until I find the perfect one. My husband said he really likes them, then I thought to myself, it must be a guy thing, because Dot's husband really liked them too. LOL!!! I was equally amazed at how the recipe book matched it all. This started my wheels to turning and I thought wouldn't it be nice if I could use all of those colors on the book to redecorate my kitchen. I just love the colors, blue, yellow, rust, and the green I already have. They're all rich earthy colors, what do you think?

I was thinking of using three wide horizontal stripes, maybe starting with blue, then rust, then blue again. While I was in the kitchen thinking, my little Minipoo, I guess bored with playing with her own toys, goes into the bathroom and gets a roll of toilet paper, she then brings it into the den and begans to devour it. When I stopped to see what all the noise was about, I yelled, and she took refuge in her crate.

Now she's looking silly, every time she gets into trouble she puts herself in time out, or jail , whatever she calls it LOL!!!. I guess for some reason she thinks she's safe in there. She thought it was safe earlier today when she made a boo boo on the den floor. But it wasn't, ( safe I mean) :O) She had to spend 15 minutes outside, where she's suppose to use the bathroom. She hates being left outside, she just barks at the door to come in, I wish she would bark at the door to go out! LOL!!! Hopefully she'll soon get the connection. It's not often that she makes mistakes, but she doesn't know how to let me know she has to go out, I have to be the one that keeps taking her.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Remember This? ~ This Is Now This! ~ Shameful!

Around the middle of spring my backyard looked like this. It was waiting on nothing but green grass and more flowers in bloom?

These are flower beds one, two, and three. The beds were ready for just about anything. All I had to do was to go get it and plant it. Then blogging became pretty much an all day pass time to me. And passed time was what it did. Sure I found time for inside work, that's a must. But there was absolutely no time for outside work. Then I blamed it on the heat. "It's too hot! In the pass, I would get up at the crack of dawn before the sun came out to get my outside work done. It was a passion of mine! Now I only procrastinate and watch my backyard and a few other things go untouched. Well today is the start of a new day! I just can't keep up with everything and "Somethings Got To Give" Look! Just Look! what I've allowed to happen.

This is flower bed one. I needs weeding and edging, it's my husbands job to edge them but, since I hadn't seemed to care I guess he didn't either.

This is flower bed two. A mess!

This is the fourth bed, right in front of the screened porch area. A double mess! I never did put down pine straw, therefore the weeds just had their way. This picture is after I went out there Monday evening and pull a few weeds but there is still a large patch, and I need to move some things around that the elephant ears have hidden, and get straw down. There are also other areas outside that need my attention. My garage looks the same as I have been saying that I was going to get it cleaned out and have a yard sale to get some of this junk out of the house and so far it's only been a thought. Closets need attention too. Although I love blogging ladies and gents, I must take some significant time off to get my house in order. I decided that until I get these things done I will only post or visit on Friday's. I will be missing all of you but, this must be done. Deb

Saturday, August 9, 2008

I'm In ~ Pink Saturday

I'm joining in on the fun of Pink Saturday hosted by Beverly @ How Sweet The Sound, that is until my pink runs out. To participate you have to email Beverly, she will then add your name to her list. Now if you've seen my kitchen you've seen this platter, I fell in love with the large pink flower, I've never used the platter for anything but as a display but I just love how it holds it's own on the counter.

This dish I do use, I use it for fruit , nuts, candy etc. The both of them fit this counter perfectly.

This is the shelf above the window at my kitchen sink, it houses the other two pieces that go with the set, a pitcher and a canister. They all have the lovely pink flower. I bought this set at Big Lots about 5yrs ago. They don't have things like this anymore at Big Lots.

Last but certainly not least my Pink Flamingo, I love this lamp. It's metal and sits on a marble base. I've had it about 10 years, and purchased it at Stein Mart. I had a choice between it and a Rooster with the same base but a white globe. I wanted them both but, I really loved the flamingo. It cost me 100.00, and it weighs about 7lbs. He sits in my living room.
Forgive me that I won't be here today to visit with other Pink Saturday participants, my husband and I have made plans that will keep us out all day but, I will visit as much as I can in the days to follow. Deb