Thursday, August 28, 2008

All Aboard!!!! for Fashion Fridays!!!!

Ladies and Gentlemen! Fashion Fridays are near, come one, come all and join in on the fun!!! I Deb your hostess would like to address a few questions I got concerning the show. Kady @ On Bonnie Lane wanted to know if she could model at home wearing something she already has. Of Course! Mrs. B wanted to know if she could model shoes. Of Course!
It's all about fashion! If you would like to show off shoes, clothing, jewelery, purses, hats, or anything pertaining to fashion whether you are wearing it or not. Got a beautiful dress and you don't want to wear it, just photograph it and join in on the fun!!!! I would love to have you any Friday!

You can let me know if you are participating and I will link you on my post or just participate!!!
Feel free to take the smaller pic if you like and post it on your blog and let's have fun!!!!!!!!!