Monday, May 12, 2008

New Addition To The Family & My Mother's Day Gifts

This is my son Kevin and his family, he has another son not pictured here. We'v been informed that we have a new baby on the way and that........................IT'S A GIRL!!!!!!!!!.............YES! YES! YES!.........this will be my first grandaughter. Yes, I have 3 from my husband's daughter's and I love them dearly, but this will be the first of my own, I have 5 grandson's, 6 with my husbands little grandson Colin. Poogly, is a pet name for my little one pictured above, and he'll be celebrating his first birthday this Saturday, I will take photos of all the kids then. Now below are my lovely Mother's Day gifts.

This Beautiful card

With these lovely words

This wonderful fire pit

This beautiful purse, it came with an umbrella and coin purse

Two lovely Fifth Avenue Crystal cracker dishes

This Mother's Day Wal-Mart Gift Card and numorous phone calls, wishing me a Happy Mother's Day. As for the gift that I buy for myself it's ordered and on the way.


Yesterday I visited with my aunt for Mother's Day, she's my mother's sister, and has been like a mother to us. My brother's, my sister, and myself lived with her after our moms passing. As we sat there talking I notice her beautiful tea cups on the table beside me. Then I remembered as a child admiring these and not being allowed to touch them. Well today I can see why, they are breath taking. So I asked if I could photograph them, to share with you.

They first belonged to my grandmother, my mother's mom, as a gift from her son's Herbert's girlfriend. This was back in the late 1940's or early 50's. They have so much detail, even the insides are designed. I don't know if they were made for drinking but, I know they were never used for drinking.

Here I tried to show that the gold embossed edges around the purple design are raised and you can feel it when touched. The cup has three gold embossed legs and handle.

The saucer is beautiful also, it has the same raised, embossed gold edges around the purple design, and I love the outer edge of the saucer as well. I think it's fine china at it best.

"Just lovely". My aunt has only the two, I wish I could find out more about these, I posted picture on an appraisal site to see if I could find any information. I have pictures of a few other antiques of hers and will post maybe tomorrow.