Monday, December 22, 2008

Living Room Dressed A Little For Christmas

This is the Living room, not a whole lot going on here as I didn't feel like doing all the decorating in here that I've done in the past. Just a vase of Poinsettias in the foyer, and a few Christmas picks in the centerpiece on the coffee table, and a few red bows in the ficus.

See the desk on the right? I bought it at a yard sale about 7 years ago for 20.00. My plan was to strip it down and refinish it. Too bad, I've not done that yet.

Just added a few Christmas pillows. Oh and my tree I told you all about. There it is down there on the table in front of the window. See I told you it was smaller than the one in the den.

This Cabinet houses a television, for times when the hubby has control over the one in the den and I don't want to go downstairs or in the bedroom. Plus I get to see out the front windows.

The house from the outside. I just used bow and candles. A wreath on the door and if you look closely you will see the lighted topiary . I only have flowers in my bed on that side and they have died back for the winter so I covered the bed with pine straw.

I had to take the picture before it got dark because after dark I kept getting pictures like the one below.

Looks like the windows are on fire! There's the little tree and Chandelier.

Here's my Nativity Scene, I painted them myself eight years ago. I bought the Three Wise Men and camel, but my husband made Joseph, Mary, and the manger for me. The sign reads Wise Men Still Seek Him. Deb