Tuesday, September 9, 2008


I often told my children when they were growing up, about the cartoons I watched as a child. I often said to them that the cartoons they watched were too violent and that we had nice cartoons. A few weeks ago my sister and I were having the same conversation. We took a walk down memory lane and came up with quite a few nice cartoons that we use to watch. I surfed the Internet to find photos of them. My post was to be how much different cartoons were in my day in relation to how the are now. Much to my surprise they were nothing like I'd said they were and probably worse!. LOL!!! I found only two Worthy of that praise.

These two, Mr. Peabody and his side kick Sherman, I can't remember a time when these two ran into a fight, or right me if I'm wrong.

Or this guy, but he's started a lot of Road Rage opportunities, but fortunately he was so blind he knew nothing about it and escaped unharmed.

Take this nice family, the Jetsons. I can remember that George's boss Mr. Spacely was quite a meanie and there were also a few unpleasant moments between George and Jane.

This group of friends also had their share of fights among each other. Fred and Barnie and sometimes Betty and Wilma. Fred also had a meanie of a boss. I forget his name.

Popeye had more than a few fights over a woman! My Goodness!, what were they feeding us!
Can't recall any fights with this guy, but he looks as though he's having a fight with the piano. And in the back of my mind I slightly recall him with his fist balled up. All in all I think he was a pretty nice guy. But there was a girl in his life, a fight could have broken out but, I guess I really can't remember too much about them.
MIGHTY MOUSE the beginning of the super heroes, this picture shows that he thought a lot of himself.

Even an ant can get in on the game, Atom Ant!. He had quite a bit of fight in him.

Under Dog, I can't remember what made him the underdog, I think it was that he was like Superman\Clark Kent had and mild side before he turned Super Hero to rescue Miss Sweet Polly Purebread. Oh what a man will do for a woman! LOL!!!

This guy, Porky Pig, he also had quite a bit of fight in him, I can remember him in a fight or two

Speedy Gonzales, he was always annoyingly running around town playing cat and mouse.

Well, well, well, the Hillbilly Bears! I'm still not convinced that there wasn't the insinuation of a little profanity.

Tom and Jerry! The fight was on, all day long. Thinking back I get kinda tired, all the running around. I remember once Jerry hit Tom in the face with a skillet and his whole face was in the shape of the skillet and the skillet was in the shape of his face. I remember as a child wanting to do that to someone. I know, Shameful!

Top Cat! I can remember he was sort of a crook, and a slick. Always in trouble with the police.

Last but not least! The Roadrunner, main purpose to just be an annoyance. He sneaks up behind Wally Coyote and just goes Beep! Beep! He scares the crap out of the guy and so begins a continuous mission to kill, judging by all the deadly weapons he uses in order to catch him.

Wally Coyote and all of his ACME products, being shot out of a bow

He never could come up with one that worked

Hi-Powered Skates?


Bow again

Tied himself to a rocket
And shot himself into the side of a mountain, okay persistence has got to deliver something huh? I often found myself wishing that one day he would catch him LOL!!! I mean he worked so hard! I couldn't be the only one, could I? Let me know if you ever wanted the Coyote to catch the road runner. Well this concludes my show of niceness, I guess there nothing new under the sun.
UPDATE!! My friend Sharon informed me that the award celebrates how lovely someone is! That's a pretty nice award and I'm sure it means inside.
Mrs. B also found a translation of the award on the post below to be. THIS BLOG INVEST AND BELIEVES IN THE PROXIMITY ( proximity> noun nearness in space, time, or relationship).