Friday, August 29, 2008

Welcome to Fashion Fridays

First I would like to introduce a few World Class Fashion Diva's.

Betty Boop

Remember Betty was pretty outrageous for that period of time

No, there was nothing discreet about Betty

Poor Olive she's wondering how will she compete with that but......

Even a girl named Olive Oyl

Cleans up good

Then we have Miss Piggy

Nothing discreet about her either, and Miss Piggy was determined to get her man

And that she did!!

Now for the Absolute Fashion Diva of all times

Madame, I loved her and saw her live once at the Comedy Club

She's a very none discreet Sweet Chick, as my friend Connie would say and they are both tell it like it is, kinda girls

Wait a minute, who's this?

Excuse me, this lady is not in the show. Miss, Miss, you'll have to leave the stage!!!

I'll take care of this!

Not Johnny Bravo! Okay now we're really off track

Sorry! Here's Deb, all the way from Birmingham Alabama, modeling Casual Wear, all fashions are from Macy's Department Store * Brookwood Village Mall *

Here I'm wearing wide leg blue jeans by Jones New York and a brown, black, and off white tunic by Style & Co. I loved them both and get this ladies, I bought them!

This multi-colored little piece is by Style & Co., I love the neck on this one. I also loved that it was very light-weight and comfortable.

This is the tunic from the first picture and white shorts by Sunny Leigh which I purchased. Yes this trip cost me a little, but I enjoyed the trip. Notice I tried to get a new pose, Ha! I am by no means a model.

Here I'm wearing a red short sleeved sweater by Jones New York and shorts by Charter Club. I guess you can tell by now that I love the Bermuda shorts, I 'm just drawn to them like a moth to a flame. I really loved that sweater but couldn't get over the cost, 69.99 I didn't think I should pay that.

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Note you can show your fashion any way you like, you don't have to model.

That's all folks!!!