Saturday, November 22, 2008

Gollum's Decorating/Writing Game

I saw this challenge at Donna's Story and thought it would be so much fun to join in. It was started at Designs By Gollum please go there to see how to play.

Here are the rules to her game.

1. Make up a decorating story that involves this setting:

2. Then watch the video and /or listen to the song. The song with this photo is Windmills Of Your Mind - by Sting

Write sketch about the photo and the song, and use the following words:

French blue
Daylight or (rain)
Cinnamon or (cloves)
Smooth or (rough, crinkly,glassy)
Circle or (circles)
You don't have to use all the words just use at least 5.

It was in the heat of summer, and vacationing in Switzerland with his family, was not as I had planned. We'd started a celibate relationship only two months earlier, but he was beginning to change. Intriguing at first, he appeared to be a man of self control. But now the pressure I feel by his wise cracks and his boasting of the number of women that would love to be with him is quite overwhelming. I can take no more of the love he feels for himself. His stroking of his own ego is more than I can stand and I can hardly wait to kiss his back-side goodbye. I will be leaving here tomorrow little does he know, but today I would host a pretend game with members of his family that are just as full of themselves as he.

The invitation was at the spur of the moment and not my idea at all, for if it was, I would have planned to poison them all. Yes, I would pour it right from that bottle of fine wine and into those pretty little rose stemmed glasses that I'd found in the cupboard.

Everything was so good in the beginning, we met at the Airport, he had come from Washington to New York on business and I had just flown in from Chicago. We both were checking our baggage with difficulty and in our wait had struck up a conversation. It wasn't long before our conversation turn into dinner and dinner into a night cap at my place. I had made it clear that that was all it would be and he agreed. I had had my fill of smooth talkers that only had one thing in mind and he'd assured me that he was not that kind.

It was daylight when he left and we made plans for that evening. He was due back in Washington in a couple of days but would return in two weeks. We spent endless hours on the phone together and when he returned endless hours in each others company. At the end of of his last business trip in New York he told me that he'd arranged a trip for us both to Switzerland. It was to visit with his family, and to last a month.

I was reluctant to give him an answer right away but I thought that maybe I could get ideas for the ending of my upcoming book by taking in the beautiful scenery's there. It proved to be the worst move I could have made. He thought that by my agreeing to take the trip I would be consenting to a lovers bout, but he was in for a big surprise. Needless to say that after the first week we had absolutely no interest in each other. I was planning to skip out on this liar and free him up to do what he thought he was put here on earth for, and that was, for his good looks and abililty to lie his way into the under garments of trusting women.

The invitation was to his mother and father, and of course, his brother and his lover. I found that he had also told them of the trouble that was between us because she thought she'd tell me about his little flock of fools that he could have anytime without a doubt. I told her if she thought that her little story would change my mind that she must be in a drunken stupor, I could tell she was a boozer by her glassy eyes and the dark circles that she tried to hide with her gobs of makeup.

All in all I tried to remain the gracious host, though his mother did all the cooking. She thought she should have her own cooking show but I think she ought not to bother. I served them poison-free wine and lit the candles on the impeccable table that I'd set with the lovely French Blue tablecloth. I watched the clock praying for the time that they would all leave. I sat there pretending to be apart of the group but I was really just admiring the countryside that I could see through the window glass. Tomorrow I will be going home.