Saturday, October 11, 2008


Hi everybody! I know I haven't been around a lot lately and I've had a lot of questions about the paint color of my kitchen, no it's not green. It's what I chose early on which is a creamy beige. When I was done painting it, it for some reason looked to be a light gold. But when I put the paint card against it, it looks the same so I guess it just my eyes but the color is slowly growing on me. I had decided to leave the area by the stove the way it was but I don't like it so today I'm going to paint there also. Then of course I plan to paint my base boards and door trims and the ceiling so I'm not done yet! Then I chose not to put all the decorations I had before and I'm going for the garden look that I like and garden decor is pretty much out of season now. Maybe next week Ill be done. Then I've been out a lot this pass week shopping around, didn't find anything for the kitchen but I found some things for my bedroom which is next on my to do list. I'm posting some pictures of one of my shopping trips, this one I met up with my cousin who lives in Pelham and we both love Kirkland's so these are pictures from that trip.

I fell absolutely in love with this Fleur-De-Lis Canister Set, it has a antique gold finish and swirl glass. Or course I bought it they are nice sizes and I thought it would be beautiful filled with ornaments for the Christmas holidays. So I bought a set, it was 29.00 but I loved it so much.

I loved picture frame, it looks as if the tin was cut and bent back and I just love the colors but it
was 29.00 and I was not on a 29.00 roll.

This was a canister set to match. The colors look slightly different in this picture it must be the lighting. It was 29.00 too, so it's there waiting for someone else.

This was cute little fall centerpiece it's sitting on a cute little accent table that they had.

My cousin Marie, fell in love with this vase and the great fall colored flowers that was in it but...

She bought this chair, isn't it beautiful, and it really fits perfectly in her living room. It really added to it's beauty.

Then I spotted this Cloche, I noticed a lot of you have them and I thought it would be nice to have one for myself because there are so many things you can use to decorate them but get this! There was one in the box and one on the shelf. I looked at the price tag and it said 9.97. I thought I would like to have the other one too, and I thought about painting the bottom to dress it up and I thought it too would be great at Christmas. So when I got the one in the box it had two price tags one for 9.97 and one for 4.97. So I ran to the counter and asked the young lady to check the price for me and she said they were 4.97! Hallelujah! I got them both for 10.00 and they're a really nice size. I'm using them in my kitchen now and I'll show you how when I post pictures.

Then they had they're Christmas decorations out. I loved the little old timed trucks and cars.

Look at this big fat snowman, he's cute. 59.00 cute I also waved so long to him.

Cute Santa pictures were 59.00. I wonder why? My goodness! Seems like 29.00 would have been a great price for these.

Beautiful! nativity scene

Cute little lamps! 9.99

Nice Vanity with mirror 399.00

Beautiful little jewelry holder, 24.99

Here's another still in the box. Very beautiful! Would have been nice to picture for a fashion Friday post but, really! LOL!!! 24.99 I don't think so!
I will be visiting soon maybe later this evening to catch up on what's been going on in your worlds I hope all has been well. Deb