Wednesday, October 1, 2008

New Camera! ~ Minipoo! ~ Meme!

First I want to say I have a new camera, it's a Cannon Power Shot so, finally I'm able to get a picture of Miss Minipoo. My camera before would do all these flashes and take the picture on the last flash, by then she would have looked away or run away. So here's my little darling, sweetie pie, Pooey, and look I groomed her last night!!! She had a hair hanging in her eyes again that I thought had to be horrible trying to see through so, I took the scissors and trimmed it all by myself. She just held really still so I could do it. And we made it through with no injuries. Isn't she beautiful! Look at those eyes! LOL!!!! Yall know I love my little girl!

Okay, I've been tagged by Jenn @ Bittersweet Prims to do a list of fours about myself. So here goes.

* Four jobs I've had in my life*

Short-order cook
Dispatcher for a wrecker company - all men, it's was horrible the way they carried on with their body functions, gas galore! I think I lasted only a month
Claims examiner at a health insurance company

*Four movies I can watch over and over*

Driving Miss Daisy- I loved the relationship that developed between the two main characters.
The Parent Trap - I love this movie and the two below because I'm a sucker for a happy ending.
Coming to America
Diary of a mad black woman

*Four places I've live*

Birmingham, Alabama
Buffalo New York- for two years, I loved it there I always told myself that I would go back there but I guess in another place in time.
Back home again!

*Four TV shows I love to watch*

Everybody loves Raymond- Reruns I know, "Love Them"
Andy Griffith - You gotta love Barney LOL!!
Designed to Sell - I love seeing the transformations!
Fraiser- I really get a kick out of the old ones. I was also a hopeless fan of Bob Newhart, both shows. LOL!! The old comedies take me away from the woes of this world.

*Four places I've been on vacation*

Disney World Orlando, FL. This was the best trip ever! We stayed three days at the All Sports Resort. It was like we were in another world.
Gatlinburg TN.
Atlanta GA.
Mississippi - I know nothing to write home about but, I hate long trips unless I'm going to be gone at least a week then I have time before the trip back. I'll let you in on a secret, I've never been on a plane and at this late date it horrifies me.

*Four of my favorite dishes*

Dot's recipe for Chicken and Dumplings
Fried Catfish, with fried okra, and creamed potatoes
Fried Green tomatoes
My Homemade Chili

*Four websites I visit daily*

WZZK radio station, almost daily- they have a list of last songs played and when I'm riding in my car and here something I like I may go to see what it was if I forgot the name, I can always remember the time it was.
My -almost daily
My blog
You - almost daily

*Four places I'd rather be right now*

I'd rather be standing in my kitchen looking at the finished job.
On my way to the Florida Keys with my husband
Tucked away on an Island staying at a Bed and Breakfast
Slow dancing with him in the moonlight

I'm suppose to tag four, but I won't, if you'd like play along, "PLEASE DO"