Thursday, May 1, 2008

I recieved this award from Kindra @ 3 Guys A Girl And A Prim Place and Wendy of The Cozy Yellow House. I 've been visiting with them both since I began blogging and they have truely been a blessing to me. As it was there wish not leave anyone out, I too would like to pass this on to everyone who visits my blog or is on my blog list. Deb


These are a few of my weight loss projects, some short lived but, most never left the ground. They are probably not listed in the order that I purchased them but, who can remember?

1. Slim in 6, I purchased this years ago. I used it relentlessly for two weeks, began to see progress but couldn't stick with it.

2. The firm, I ordered it years ago too, sat down and watched the first cd and that was all she wrote.

3. Pilates, tried it about 15 minutes.

4. Jane Fonda's Step Aerobics, I use this back in 1995 for about a year got great results I started at 150 pounds, my goal was to 127 pounds, which was my weight before I found out I was pregnant with Kandace. It took about 4 months dieting and exercise. In April of 1996, right after I lost my oldest daughter I lost down to 120 pounds which was not good so I stopped exercising and starting eating to bring my weight back and I never got back into it, but tried a couple of years later I couldn't stick with it. Now the video tape won't play. I found it on the Internet on cd but, haven't purchased it.

5. The AB-DOer , never got off the ground.

The Easy-Shaper, I believe is the name. I could have hired a SUMO wrestler with what that thing put me through or had a V-8.

The AB- Lounger, some say it worked for them but, me maybe I didn't get the results fast enough to make me want to stick with it.

6. Curves Trimming Shorts- sauna -action neoprene helps you shed excess water weight from your lower torso to your thighs. They will make you sweat but, I need it in a body suit.

7. Body shaper, Victoria's Secret. I bought the largest size they had, got it home and tried it out with horrible results, didn't hold anything in. It's now still tagged, and folded neatly in my drawer, I guess until who knows.

So this is the plan.
Tomorrow I plan to pick up one of these purchases that I have made and put it to use.
Tomorrow I will boldly post a before picture of myself, the weight I am now, my goal; and which plan I've chosen.
Hope you don't mind me using you, because I am. But, I'm hoping by using you I will be able to follow this through. I need your prayers and your encouragement. My weight is the only thing that I am unhappy with in my life. I had a plan that when I turned 50 that it would be the beginning of a new me, and that by my 50th birthday which was February of this year I would be my ideal weight and I failed. So here I go, again. I will post a picture of myself and an update of my progress every Friday whether good or bad. Deb