Thursday, October 16, 2008

~The Kitchens Done~

Okay here it is all done, well I'll have to admit not much changed other than the wallpaper being removed and I took out some of the colorful items and went with a more garden decor to match my dining room. I took the large picture from my foyer I've always loved it, so now I get to see more of it as I'm always in this kitchen. LOL! You'll see it better in the picture below.

I took that little plant stand from downstairs and if you notice I also swapped the out the chairs with some I had down stairs to give a more out of doors feel. Remember the cream bowl that I found at the Salvation Army Thrift Store, that's it sitting on top of the plant stand. I pulled the birdhouse from a box in the garage. And I have embellished the candle holders that I got from Dot with lush greenery. LOL!!!!

I love these little signs, I bought two from a local store for 3.99 each, the other is above the sink area.

This is a view from over by the stove. I thought about doing a mosaic on top of my little make shift island, maybe that will be a project for the future. (Yeah right!) But it's a thought, I also thought about doing one on top of the kitchen table.

Remember I'd said I was going to leave everything the same over here, but after I was done it looked as if I had this dark hole over here so I painted here as well. I have lights under the counter but the bulbs have burned out and I have to get some. I went the other day but forgot to take the bulb with me and didn't know what size to get, they are very small and flat. My husband has some recess lights that he's going to put in the ceiling over by the stove. Let's hope all that is done by the holidays. All white appliances are in here but, I don't think I will be changing them anytime soon the way the economy is now. The only way would be if the stores put on some Mega Blowout sale because they are hurting also.

Over by the sink area, I think it looks so much better that the color of the walls has a continuous flow. Before I started to leave the Formica wall panel that matched the counters but I am so glad I didn't. The plate rack use to be in my country den, so I thought I'd use it here and I searched and searched around different stores trying to find decorative plates to go on it but just couldn't find what I had in mind. Then it dawned on me just this morning to use my everyday plates.

Here is the other sign placed above the shelf over the sink area. The cherub Joy what-nots I've had forever. I bought them for Christmas decorations and never took them down. The Lord wants us to have Joy always, right? Added a little lush greenery and I was good to go. lol!

Closeup of the plate rack and a few decorations in this corner.

View from the dining room, I kept my same curtains, I couldn't find any that I liked better or maybe I will think about adding bamboo shades later. Got to make do besides, the curtains are in perfect condition and I always say: "If it ain't broke, don't fix it"!

Last, this is what I chose to do with the cloches, I just love this cow and although you don't find cows in the garden you do find them in kitchens. This cow and a little basket with the milk bottles used to sit on a shelf in the old kitchen but, I think this turned out to be a great spot for them now. I'm sure during Christmas time I will use the cloches for Christmas decorations to make it festive in here. Well I'm done now, I know it's nothing to scream about but with the green counters I'm limited on what I can do, plus I didn't want to have to change my dishes and all my accessories because they would so not go with any other colors other than green or something neutral. And if I ever have to sell the house, the color would already be what they're looking for, at least in the kitchen.