Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Back Yard Slowly Coming Together

I just had to post a picture of my Peony Bush in bloom since the blooms are so short lived, they probably would look better, but the hard rain we had beat them down.

This is a picture of my trellised rose it blooms white roses, I have buds now and a bird has made her home there. I will post once it blooms.

You've been probably wondering why I have that little fireplace their, well I bought it at a yard sale and the stand was missing. My plan was to plant in it but I never have, maybe this year. I really don't know what might look good in there without hiding the view of the stove. I looked in the top this morning and a spider has eggs in there, sorry if I was wrong, but I sprayed them with insecticide.

This is a side view of the patio, the front area not so presentable right now. I always wait until the pollen is done falling before I clean in here, so yesterday I vacuumed and then washed everything down with the hose. I will post the inside after I'm done with everything.

This is the area I've been working on, there was a above ground pool there, and I've been taking it down. What's left is the outside of the pool, we have it rolled up and it's very heavy. My husband is the hauler, but he has to have help with this one, and I'm just not the one to help. So it's sitting for now. I don't know yet what to do with this area, maybe just keep it simple and let the grass grow over. I've also taken up the step stones that were leading out there. I could use the area to pitch the tent for the grand kids, we plan to let them camp out during their stay sometimes. Last summer when we bought it, we had the 8 grand kids and my nephew for a week. Our plan was that the boys would camp one night and the girls one night, my husband staying with the boys and I with the girls, thank God it rained both those nights planned. LOL There's a plug out there where the pump was connected and I have a TV with a video player so they could watch some old movies. Anyways I'll let you know what I decide on. Have a great day! I'll be in the yard, it's going to be a beautiful day, only 67 degrees and there's more disaster than what I showed you. Deb