Monday, September 29, 2008


Remember this little guy. Well Hallelujah! He's home! He came home Saturday, Praise God!

And remember this kitchen, no, it's not done but I've started.

This is the beginning, once I tore into the paper, it became a project that has to be done.
I've also removed the green back splash that matches the counter top, I'm keeping the counter top unless the Good Fairy makes an overnight appearance. I wanted to remove the back splash be cause where I paint I don't want any breaks, I want a continuous wall color.

I had to use a box cutter to score the bottom and top of the back splash and peel it away from the wall. As you can see I damaged the wall a little but all I'll have to do is sand the adhesive off and apply a thin layer of sheet rock mud and sand smooth.

I've made it all the way around to the large wall in back. It looks so bland, I can't wait until I can paint.

This is what I have left, the wall going into the laundry room, behind the refrigerator, and I'm also removing the back splash in this area here.
But I'm leaving it here by the stove I figure since the counters will be green over by the sink this area will all look just fine plus I need something I will have no problem keeping clean. I have not done any work in there today, maybe I'll be motivated to continue by tomorrow. I keep getting

Saturday night my husband, his brother and wife, and I went downtown Birmingham to the Taste Of Fourth Avenue Jazz Festival. It was a free Jazz Concert, sponsored by The City Of Birmingham, Urban Impact, 98.7 Kiss FM, and the Alabama Jazz Hall Of Fame. This is a picture of the stage, it's sitting right in the middle of 4th avenue and the people you see are standing where cars actually drive.
This picture is also in front of the stage, people were as far as I could see. Vendors were set up selling food, and beverages. Right to the left of this picture in the white shirt is my husband he didn't know he was in the picture. The area behind him was full of people too.

This picture is blurred because the people here in front of the stage were all dancing and having a ball. The music was fantastic! Earlier there had also been a Cultural Parade, they had an Art Village, Children's Activities, and Swing Dancing. We didn't go downtown until about 9.00pm, it was over about 12.00am. I really enjoyed it and will go again next year if the have it.
This is Annie and Sherman, my brother and sister in law. No, I don't have a picture of me here. I don't believe it! It was my intentions to have Annie take a picture of my husband and myself together but, I forgot.