Wednesday, July 30, 2008

New Addition To The Family

This is Minipoo, she is the new addition to the family. Ha! If anyone would have told me this would be, I would have said with all caps, "YOU LIE!" Just so happens this little doggy used to belong to the newlyweds. They were having a serious problem training Minipoo to use the outside facilities. This resulted in Minipoo's confinement to one area, THE DOWNSTAIRS BATHROOM.

Yes, every time I went by and asked the where abouts of Miss Minipoo, she was always in the bathroom. Well yesterday out of the blue, Minipoo fell on my heart. So I called my son and told him that Minipoo didn't need to be closed off in the bathroom all the time, and that I would take her if they wanted me too. With no hesitation it was a yes! So I picked up Mini and straight to the vet we went. She got all of her shots and (OH NO!) she had ear mites. Well, we got something for that, and today I'm trying to get an appointment with a groomer because she has a few mats on her legs and a few other places.

So Minipoo although camera shy, will be in the family pics from here on. She started out trying to hold on to her title of "The Pee Pee Queen", but I'm trying to keep on top of that, as a matter of fact we're on our way outside now. Wish me luck and if you have any pointers (PLEASE SHARE)! Have a great day, and hope all of your carpets are dry!