Saturday, August 2, 2008

Out With The Old Again & In With The New

Now that I have finished the den, I'm thinking seriously about doing something to the kitchen. When I look out from the den into the kitchen it gives me a sense of leaving a calm area entering a business, looking at the wall paper. What do you think?

Now I'm not thinking of doing any remolding as it's not in the budget. I have to keep the counter tops and the black splash. I'm just wondering about a paint choice that would blend in nicely with what I have.

I would probably change out the accessories too.

The counter tops and back splash are all around. Here......

over there. I'm thinking possibly some creamy beige color.

Any suggestions, I just feel like ripping away at the wall paper, and starting new. I'm also considering the bamboo blinds. Do you think that would look to plain, creamy beige and bamboo blinds.