Friday, December 5, 2008

~Re-purposing For The Holidays ~

Do you ever need something and find a way to get it by using something that you already have?Well I found this little Joy sign, for 4.99 at Ole Time Pottery. It was so small I didn't know how I was going to use it. When I decided to do a table scape, I wanted to use it on my table.

So I removed this frame an tried it on this easel.

But this was u-g-l-y!

So on the back there were these hangers and I needed the sign to be larger.

So I found two little screws, if you look close you can see them, and screwed them in the frame and hung the tin on the frame.

The tin matched the easel perfectly.

And there you have it a re-purpose for the holidays. Now you may say, after the holidays you'll have to little holes in your frame. Well I love it so much I plan to keep it as it is, you don't just have joy for the holidays, you want to have joy year round.

Then, this is my chandelier in the foyer. I wanted this kind because I love the look when shades are added.

I found these shades at Kirkland's about eight years ago. Not on sale though, they cost 7.99 each and I needed ten because I needed six for the dining room. Still not bad they've lasted all this time.

But for the holidays I wanted something festive. So I took some of the ribbon that I use on my outside windows, ( I'll show it later) cut it to size and

wrapped it around the shade. I used a straight pin to fasten it, and it's also no problem to remove when putting things back the way they were.

You won't have to worry about the pin showing because you turn it to the inside of the lamp.

So now you have all new shades

Fit for the occasion. What will you re-purpose for the holidays? Deb