Monday, August 4, 2008


Come with me if you will, to the Hair Salon. It's at the top of the stairs and second door to the left. My Niece is treating me to an after hours "Get Rid Of The Bad Hair Blues Day". Why? Just because she's the sweetest young lady in town. My sister will be here too because she has a standing appointment every Saturday at this time.

Here I am, at R G Allen's Hair Salon. Step in side and meet the proprietors, isn't that sign lovely.

This is Regina, Owner, Licensed Master Cosmetologist, certified by the State Of Alabama, specializing in total hair care for women, with 14 years experience. She also has plans to further her education to become a licensed instructor. And she gorgeous too.

This is Greg, Owner, and husband to Regina. Pharmaceutical Distribution Supervisor by day, evenings and weekends, a licensed Master Barber, certified by the State of Alabama, specializing in all haircare needs for men, with 19 years experience.

They both have had booths in other shops in the past, in fact they met in one of them. Now married, they decided to invest in a business for themselves, and I must admit are doing very well in this joint venture. There are four stations in their shop but right now they choose to only have two working stations. "His & Hers," a little rest, peace, and quiet from the old surroundings.
Meet Robert, one of Greg's late evening appointments. Robert was a willing subject to be photographed in my Good Hair Day post.




And the finish, Robert is now ready for a night out on the town.

In the meantime Regina has washed, and is now setting my sister's hair for the dryer.

With the drying done, she's now engaged in the curling and styling of her hair. My sister, always a little camera shy, is trying not to be noticed.

The finish, isn't it beautiful, my niece is really fantastic with short hair. She use to do my hair when it was short like my sister's, but you'll see that she's equally as fantastic with long hair!

The front view of my sister's hair looks great and Regina's capes promote Breast Cancer Awareness, something that the ladies in our family have a history of.

Side view....


Now, it's all about me. Regina put in a much needed perm for me, it really felt good for a change not having to do it myself, it takes much longer when I do.

During the rinse, the hot water and scalp massage, was also far better than my doing it myself. I could have drifted into dreamland.

Here I am dried, colored, and ready for the flat iron. Regina's hair is lovely, she and I started to grow our hair long around the same time. She used to wear hers short like her mother's too, and I use to wear my hair that color until I started to gray.

When my sister showed me this picture, I teased about looking like Michael Jackson

Here I am all done, didn't she do a great job! I feel like a beautiful queen, from the back.

My hair never looks like this when I do it.

She clipped all of my split ends, my husband called me on my cell phone and said, " don't you come back here with your hair cut". I teased that I plan to because he never touches it. He lied, that he does while I'm sleeping. LOL!

Crazy picture, I don't know why I look so stiff.

I have got to get a new camera, it's really getting on my nerves, it has a blur but it's the only picture I have to show the front view of my hair and get this.... My voluptuous lips! LOL

Afterwards we all went to the FIRE + ICE Grill+Bar. None of us had been here before but, we'd heard great things. This is a market type restaurant, where you choose raw vegetables and meats that you want from a buffet, it is then cooked right before you while you wait. You get this small stainless steel, cereal sized bowl to pick the foods you want. I chose bell peppers, onions, mushrooms, zucchini, those miniature ears of corn, broccoli, water chestnuts, and raw chicken breast strips. They also had different sauces to choose from and I chose pineapple curry sauce. Then you go to the area that has the grill, they had three chefs around the grill and they each have a section of the grill. They take what you have in your bowl and put it on the grill and once the food is done they add your sauce, toss it a few seconds transfer it to your plate and you're done. You can also go back as many times as you like because it's all you can eat.

Again I'll have to apologize for my camera, but this is one of the cook's, he was hilarious. He had all the people that were waiting on their food chanting "ROLL TIDE"!, and also had them doing the Cupid Shuffle. He told us, "to all of you people standing around this counter, you have been caught". He was right by me, cause I can't wait to get back there.

This is the large grill, there's an outer counter top that circles the grill where you stand and wait for your food to be cooked. If you can tell, every body's food is sectioned off in the order that they are standing.

Again not a good picture, but here's the finish, our Waiter brought rice to go with our selections and this was the most enjoyable meal that I've had out in a long time. Don't let me forget to add that at the end of our meal Regina and Greg informed my sister and I that the dinner was their treat. WOW! WHAT A GREAT DAY!!!