Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Today my daddy passed on, ever since he left the hospital he'd been having a low grade fever that would come and go. This morning my step-mom called and said that his temp was really high and so was his blood sugar he had been battling diabetes for 40 years, most of both his feet had been amputated. She call the paramedics and they didn't think he wasn't responsive, Daddy wouldn't have wanted to go back into the hospital and would have wanted to be at home.

He's home now with the Lord, his amputated feet are whole and his arthritic hands are crooked no more. And his fuss box is crying Holy! Holy! Holy! He was sort of a fuss box at times :O) but, he loved the Lord. My stepmother told us that he prayed all day Sunday and would not accept anything she tried to give him. I remember when he was in the hospital, and I was trying to find something on TV for him to watch, he told me to find something that I liked because he wasn't interested in any of that stuff anymore, all he was interested in was Jesus. That made me smile, I said, "daddy that's a good thing".

Pray for my family, and for me, for I'm feeling so much sorrow. I love my daddy, and Iam going miss him so much. I know the Lord is with me, it's His promise and I'll be holding on.

I love you daddy, and I'll see you again.