Sunday, December 7, 2008

~Cooking Is Not For Me! ~ HOWEVER~ There are exceptions ~

A couple of days ago my friend Dot asked,"when are we gonna get a good down home Southern recipe from you girl! " When I told her it wouldn't be happening because I hate to cook, she wrote back,

WHAT!!!! Say it ain't so Martha!!! lol lol You're a Southern Bell and don't like to cook????? You must have been born up in Northern Alabama! lol lol

Now don't get me wrong I *CAN* cook, I have to, my husband comes home from work and heads right for the kitchen. LOL!!!! But I hate it enough not to make a sport of IT!!! LOL!!!

I told Dot, that's why I rely on her quick and easy recipes, and I do. Above is her Chicken and Dumpling recipe. Mine is a little different though because hers was thicker but my husband has to have a little juice in his or he thinks it's dry. Go figure! Oh I forgot I did make my own dumplings, ( didn't feel like going to the store) but I did make it again with the bow ties but, forgot to take a picture.

Then I tried her Peach Cobbler, when she first posted it, she posted Blackberry cobbler but she said you can use any fruit you choose.

Boy! Was it good!

Then I tried Pat's Pumpkin recipe, it was very good too! Sorry Pat! I forgot to take a picture when it first came out of the oven.

But here's a picture after my club meeting, the ladies loved it!

So here I am today, and I'm cooking Beer Battered Green Beans for dinner.

Got my Beer! Ladies just pour up enough flour to make enough batter for how many green beans you have and add the Beer. Stir, I did add a little salt, a little garlic powder, and black pepper. Just enough for the amount of batter.


I dropped them right in the oil from which I'd just fried my pork steaks and.....

Lookie! Lookie! Lookie! They taste Wonderful!

I made a small pan of cornbread, you get no recipe here!

And here's the main deal, my Beer Battered Green Beans and Pork Steaks. I will also have, pinto bean, yams, and coleslaw. The coleslaw will be from Kentucky Fried Chicken, and I made the pinto beans and yams myself. So there you have it.

Donna Marie I will be making your Hot Wings soon, and ladies if I don't try your recipes it's not because I don't think it's a great recipe, it will be because it's too long. I need QUICK & EASY!