Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Tablescape Tuesday ~ A Child Is Born

Welcome friends and Bless All Who Enter! This is the eighteenth Tablescape Tuesday hosted by Susan @ Between Naps On The Porch. Susan is a master at tablescapes, stop by and see hers and a host of other participants. The numbers keep growing every week.

I've made my way back to the kitchen this week mainly because the colors that I'm using in my tablescape are best suited for in here.

This is the center of my tablescape. I've had this centerpiece for about six years. Yes, it came from Big Lots ( back when they had beautiful things, yeah I know you know). I paid 24.99 for it, and I love it dearly!

It's a beautiful one piece sculpture and sits on a wood base. The detail is breathtaking but my camera could not capture its true beauty.

I tried several ideas in this tablescape but decided to keep it simple to magnify that "Jesus Is The Reason For The Season". Only one thing, I could not find paper plates that were suitable this time. I saw a few that had grapes and such but they just didn't have what I was looking for.
Now about a week after my first try at tablescaping, I knew that I wanted to do a tablescape using this centerpiece and had been on the look-out for something to go with it. On one of my trips to Marshall's I came across these plates. I thought the were lovely even though they are stoneware. They are by MIKASA and they're called Countryside Harvest. They only had four and were the great price of 2.99 each. I thought they were perfect because the centerpiece has touches of white in it, so I was happy with this purchase.

They have that little raised detail with just enough added color to bring it out just so. Frantic that I couldn't find any paper plates to go with them, I started to look for other options. Then one day I was in Hobby Lobby and I caught a glimpse of these. I thought they would be perfect because they had the same earth color as one of the robes in the centerpiece.

They came in this color, cream, and burgundy. I really wanted the dinner plates in this color and the desert plates in cream but the dinner plates were 13.99 each and the desert plates were 11.99 each. Well, I went back a couple of days later and they were on sale for 50 percent off. So I thought that since I had the four dinner plates from Marshall's in cream I could make due with just the desert plates in the color above. So I bought four.

They are beautiful! The picture does not do it justice, the outer rim has a metallic finish of some sort. I've never heard of this brand like lots of the others because plates and china and stuff has just never been my thing. It says on the back, Certified International, Karidesign, who's heard of it? No one I'm sure, but whatever it says, I love them.
Close up of setting

I used the napkins and rings that I use year round in my dining room when it's not the holidays and I have the matching place mats (not pictured).

I used my new serving dish that I just got as a gift from one of my club members, I think it fits in well with these colors.
So there you have it, thanks for stopping by to help me celebrate the birth of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, with a Tuesday Tablescape in His honor.
After today I will probably be very very busy, that's why I'm trying to visit as many tablescapes before I go to bed. Today I have gifts to wrap and dinner to cook. Then on Christmas Eve I'll be delivering gifts to my grandkids so they'll have them when they wake up Christmas morning. I would like to wish each and everyone of you a Merry, Merry, Christmas and the best of wishes for a Happy New Year! Deb