Monday, June 16, 2008

My Husband's First Garden

I've posted a lot of pictures of my gardens, so this area right next to our storage shed, that was full of our neighbor's leaves, our left over bricks from the mailbox, Canna Lilies and a pesky ground cover, has been chosen for my husband's first garden. My husband, banned from any other beds in the yard, has been known to cut down a few flowers unknowingly. Well he has finally arrived with a small place to call his own. You see he's been working to clear away all this debris. This area has great soil and earth worms galore.

This is how the area cleaned up, he has planted three tomato plants, hot peppers, squash, bell peppers, cucumbers, and later, two okra plants. The two okra plants never made the pictures because some animal came along and ate them. (Bad animals! Stay away from my husband's garden!) Now there's a good thing, underneath the storage house right where you see the lattice there's a nest of those big black and yellow bees, so they will be working the flowers on his plants.

Here he is ladies, looking all debonair with his hand stuck down in a bag of Composted Cow Manure. Smile for the camera baby! I love you. Oh yeah, our neighbors fixer upper car, just waiting for some year to be fixed up, thank God he covered it.

Look! things are actually growing in there. I really thought that I would wound up the care person for this garden but, I'm not. He's been very attentive, just as he is with me, except for that one time I won't mention. :O)

This is how it is right now, last evening he strung three lines across because the cucumbers were reaching out and wrapping themselves around the pepper plants. Next year since we know how large or small certain plants will grow, and how much area we're left with, we plan to only plant one cucumber plant and maybe add a few greens. Now, brace yourselves for what's coming up next.





MERCY! BELL PEPPERS! THREE OF THEM! DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH SAVINGS THIS WILL BE! Pardon me for a moment but, I'm actually excited! They also look so pretty I don't want to pick them. LOL! I hope you all enjoyed the tour of my husband's garden, in his small corner of the yard, made just for him. Who knows maybe next year he'll till a spread.