Friday, August 8, 2008

Pet Grooming Day & Murphy's Law

Remember I told you that Minipoo was in need of grooming. I check our yellow pages and found two within my zip code. The first on I call stated they were open Tues, thru Sat. but I could not reach them. The other was Miss Patty of Patty's Mobil Pet Grooming. Patty called me back and I set the appointment for Friday at 8:am. Upon Patty's arrival I was informed that she would have to use my electricity. I thought to myself okay Patty then your fee should be 25.00 instead of 30.00 but I said nothing and rolled with it.

She then took Minipoo out to the van and told me that it would take 30 to 45 minutes. My imagination ran away with me a couple of times as I check to make sure the van was still there and she had not committed a dog napping. Silly me!

About thirty five minutes later the phone rang, I looked at the caller i.d. and it was Patty. Patty wanted to know if I had a blow dryer, hers had just stopped working. I told Patty I did, and she asked if I could bring it out to her. I said okay. By now I'm feeling like the assistant and supplier and that the fee should be 20.00 and not 25.00.

So now I'm thinking what else could happen, and I kept a close look out for Minipoo. I see them exit the van, and Mini was still alive. So I took her, and Patty said that she was great, that she just sat there and let her do what she needed to do. Mini did look pretty, she had a little pink bow on top of her head and a bandanna around her neck but, it was yellow, red, and blue, with dog houses, bones, and fire hydrants that I thought should have been for a boy dog, but I didn't fret none. Patty had a special that included a citrus bath with the grooming. And she smelled wonderful.

Then it was time to pay for the services, I had two twenties and handed them to Patty, she preceded to fold them up and I said, "that's two twenties I didn't have any change, and I said to myself, ("and you used my electricity and hair dryer and I delivered"). Then she said, "well I don't have any change either, can you write a check? So I did, and I thought as she walked away, that's an example of Murphy's Law if any.

Will I use Patty again? Of course, I will. Anyone can have a bad day, it's Murphy's Law.


After Patty left I thought I should hurry and take Minipoo out so she could relieve herself. Oh she looked so pretty and I couldn't wait to get pictures to show you. After she did her thing, she preceded to slide her body in the grass up and down, up and down and she was now missing the bow from her head. I said Minipoo, what are you doing? The grass was still wet from the mornings dew and suddenly I didn't recognize her. I picked her up and brought her in.

She started to run, sliding her body against the front of the couch as fast as she could, up one side and .....

down the other, when I looked at her, she looked like this.....

LOL! and this.....

I thought you silly little dog, you are really having a bad hair day because.....

if I look in the dictionary for Bad Hair Day, there would be a picture of you looking like this! Well I had to go outside to find her bow, and I just let her hair dry naturally so below you'll find before an after pics.

This is before her grooming.....

And this is after, isn't she lovely, now you can see her eyes. She had to be taken down low to remove the mats and I'll show you a picture when she's all grown out again and groomed the way she's suppose to be. Whew! What a day!