Friday, July 4, 2008


My Dad went home this afternoon, Thank God! It has really been a very tiresome week for me. But I'm happy to say that he's well. He had not been able to keep anything food or water down since about 4 days before entering the hospital, everything would come right back. Day before yesterday an endoscopy revealed that he had a piece of meat enlarged in his esophagus which was blocking food or water from entering his stomach. Why it took them so long to find this problem is a mystery to me, but at last it's over. My sister works and my stepmother is 79 so my help was truly needed, I've spent the majority of my days there at the hospital, and trying to keep my life in tact also. I want to thank everyone for your prayers and thoughts of us, it was truly needed and appreciated. I can't say that I've lost any weight because I've been on cafeteria and fast food all week. I weighed this morning at 166.4 so I'm only down 4oz., but the least of my thoughts have been about dieting. I'll have to get back on the band wagon this week. We have been invited to a gathering at my cousins for a 4 day of July celebration, I've just finished the potato salad, if I can find my camera, I will take pictures tomorrow, but somehow I've hidden it from myself. Have a great day, all of my friends, I really care for you and have missed you all a lot. Deb