Monday, July 28, 2008

My Daughter's Bedroom, Tweaked

I've been doing a little rearranging in here, this is Kandace's room. First of all it was a mess, and I cleaned it, and it kind of escalated from there. What I ended up doing is adding the sconces, that shelf, and the little white table by the window. I ordered the sconces to go in the den but found out when they came that I really didn't need anything else there. The shelf came from the country den, and the little table I had already.

The pictures turned out dark because I was facing the light from the windows. If I had thought about it, before I got started I would have taken before pics, that is before the clean up, I don't think Kandace would have been to happy about that, but I actually didn't think I would go this far, not today anyway.

There was a mirror over the bed, I bought this picture about a month ago, and I'm just getting around to putting it up. The little thingy above the picture is from the country den. What's that sitting on the shelf? Why that's the birdhouse I won at Rue's giveaway! It's perfect for in there. You are probably wondering what's black on the wall to the left.

Well, it's a huge black board area that my husband and I put together a few years ago when this was the room for the grand kids. I painted it, and he bordered it. As the number of the grand kids grew, we asked Kandace's if she didn't mind swapping rooms as hers was larger and she didn't mind so the black board is still in there. She even writes on it from time to time, but the grand kids missed out because my husband said, no we're not going to have black boards in both rooms. Plus there's no room for one, in the room with the two sets of bunk beds.

The little bear is mine, his name is ping. I bought him while on a singles retreat with our church years ago. He was in the gift shop at Shocco Springs Conference Center here in Alabama. I really enjoyed that weekend, they had paddle boats and other fun things to do. And the and teachings were divine. It was about living Godly lives as singles. We stayed overnight as they had accommodations for that.

The wing chair you see belonged to my daughter that passed, it belonged to a living room set that burned when I had a house fire in 2002. I was able to save only the chair and I try to incorporate it into my decor, so I'll always make a place for it.

This is the full view of the black board, you can imagine the problem I had with chalk shavings on the floor, one of the main reasons we don't want another one. The covered shelves you see are full of Kandace's over flow of shoes and photo albums. That's some of the gingham fabric I bought at Wal-Mart for 2.00 a yard. I had almost 12 yards, and it's really gone a long way. I've made some of everything with it, curtains, seat covers, etc.

I know it's little girl furniture but Kandace doesn't want me to change it, there's a grown up bedroom set in the garage but she says no, I think she just doesn't want me in there doing anything that's why I did this while she was at work. She'll be surprise when she gets home, and will probably ask me what was I doing in there. But she ought to be glad I picked up all the clothes that were thrown around. And besides I can go in there whenever I want to, it's my house.

I left all the stuff that was on the desk just as it was. It was a lot of earrings, bracelets, a couple of watches, bobbi pins, and phone numbers, etc. I moved in the candle holder on the top shelf of the hutch, it was going to be sold at the yard sale if I ever get it together. I'm trying to make sure that I don't need the things because as sure as I sell everything off I'll think of some place I could have used it.

I couldn't get a good picture here, because of the sun on the windows but, my friend Connie at Living Beautifully will get a kick out of the lace curtains. Connie I have the same curtains in each of the bedrooms, I got them from Family Dollar for 5.00 a window so I thought why not use them in each of the bedrooms they let in a lot of light.

I've had this little white table packed away for such a long time so I dug it out and it looks great here, I think. The little candle holder was from the country den, it was on top of the little shelf that was on the fireplace stoop. That picture on the table is one I bought for Kandace's when she was 11. It has a picture of a bouquet of roses tied with a ribbon and it reads... If I could wrap love in a ribbon, it would be my gift to you.
Well, I hope you enjoyed the tour....... Deb