Monday, August 18, 2008

Special, Special, Delivery! ~ Couldn't Wait til Friday

I know I'm not suppose to be here posting but, as you know, I was lucky again and won the giveaway hosted by Dot @ Picket's Place. Well I couldn't wait until friday to share this with you. My husband was on his way to the mailbox, when he opened the door, this is what he found. I'd been home all day, and the mailman is suppose to ring the bell to let you know he's leaving a package but he just left it, no bell. Anyway "I WAS THRILLED"! when I saw it.

I opened it right away!

Inside was a note from Dot, her words were so kind and beautiful, I felt blessed to have received the note if there was nothing else.

The lovely pear shaped dishes were so beautiful, and she even added a book that I plan to use for the recipes that you guys post. I'll add your names so that I'll know that it came from you.

Here, are the black candle holders and a package of note cards and envelopes to match the recipe book.

Dot said, every room needs a little black and I think these will fit well into my kitchen, as I already have a few touches of black, and the frogs remind me of Dot's story about her Frogie.

See, they look great!. No I haven't began to tackle the kitchen yet. I bought a couple of gadgets to remove the wallpaper but, I can't get started. I guess even though I'm tired of it, it seems like an old familiar face that I'll be getting rid of. I think that once I finish my must do list, I'll start on the kitchen.

Wow! look how well Dot's pear dishes matches my platter, I found a little bowl at the Dollar Tree yesterday that will do in the center until I find the perfect one. My husband said he really likes them, then I thought to myself, it must be a guy thing, because Dot's husband really liked them too. LOL!!! I was equally amazed at how the recipe book matched it all. This started my wheels to turning and I thought wouldn't it be nice if I could use all of those colors on the book to redecorate my kitchen. I just love the colors, blue, yellow, rust, and the green I already have. They're all rich earthy colors, what do you think?

I was thinking of using three wide horizontal stripes, maybe starting with blue, then rust, then blue again. While I was in the kitchen thinking, my little Minipoo, I guess bored with playing with her own toys, goes into the bathroom and gets a roll of toilet paper, she then brings it into the den and begans to devour it. When I stopped to see what all the noise was about, I yelled, and she took refuge in her crate.

Now she's looking silly, every time she gets into trouble she puts herself in time out, or jail , whatever she calls it LOL!!!. I guess for some reason she thinks she's safe in there. She thought it was safe earlier today when she made a boo boo on the den floor. But it wasn't, ( safe I mean) :O) She had to spend 15 minutes outside, where she's suppose to use the bathroom. She hates being left outside, she just barks at the door to come in, I wish she would bark at the door to go out! LOL!!! Hopefully she'll soon get the connection. It's not often that she makes mistakes, but she doesn't know how to let me know she has to go out, I have to be the one that keeps taking her.