Thursday, September 18, 2008

My Not Fake ~ But ~ Artificial Plants

I'll start in the den, I have added a Peony bloom to an existing fake I mean artificial plant that I like. The plant has the garden look that I love. The little gold jar I got at Walgreens as Fall decorations. It was 6.99 and get a second half price. I bought two. They have a candle inside but I'm sad to say that they don't smell very good. Seems like they would have smelled like Pumpkin Pie or something but they smell like that long time ago soap that I hated called, Cashmere Bouquet. Does anybody remember that terrible soap? It was right up there in my mind with another product I hated, Tussy deodorant.

My Artificial fern in my monkey planter, I 'm okay with this too. It's a small planter and wouldn't support the root system of a live fern, so I think artificial is in order here.

The little greenery in this pot, I'm sure hurts no one. I have no direct sunlight in my kitchen, because my screened porch it right off from it, so I don't get the sun needed for real plants. So that's legitimate reason enough for me. See there are reasons we use them, not just because we're fake plant junkies.

I love this orchid, I tried growing a live one once and failed, so this one is fine and think it's perfect for this corner. So it's here because I love them but can't grow them. Good huh?

This was actually a candle round, but I took it apart and place it here to hide the crack between the frame and shelf. It serves it's purpose well. Oh! I have started to remove the wall paper! That's why I've been sort of missing these days, I'll still try and do my Fashion Friday post, but I'll be out of town this weekend.

Greenery in the dining room, I think it adds coziness and that really works for me because I also love the outdoors feel, which is what I was going for. All I added as Fall decoration here are the Pilgrims. The plant that's lower on the left is real, but the taller tree you'll see in the picture below is artificial.

This is a picture I took a while back. Some things you see here are longer here anymore. In this picture it shows the beverage cart in the corner better, it has artificial flowers and the table in the back still has the greenery from Christmas, but the plant up front to the right is real.

I really don't think I have too many, just enough to add a little softness or fullness to the rooms, that's all. Also this picture shows when I had the clock that I now have in the den. I change things around a lot. Below I'll show what's in the dining room now taking the place of the clock.

This is what's in the dinning room now. This camera is killing me! I just don't have time to go back to try and get a clearer picture this one will have to do. I'd planned on getting one as a Christmas gift but, I will have to get a new one before Christmas because I can't take anymore. Does anyone have any inexpensive suggestions?