Thursday, June 12, 2008

Gardening Today!

I'll be gardening today, it's well over due. I have a bed out back that I planted and didn't mulched, now it has weeds galore, so I'll be pulling weeds before I can mulch. I will be visiting with you guys a little before I get started. I've had a very busy week, now maybe I can get back into the swing of things. I do want to share the few Hydrangea plants that I have that are now in bloom. I've had a really hard time with them , because it's so hot, that is except for the big one.

This is the really big one, don't ask what it's called because I don't know. I just know that it's beautiful when it flowers and it's beautiful when the flowers turn brown as well. The flowers have turned kinda pink since this photo.

This is the blue one. There a really tall bush to the right of it, I'm using it to keep this and the next one you're going to see shaded. I've had a really hard time with these two.

This is the one that I've really had a hard time with, she's a little sad and has pink flowers, a few look white but, she gets most sun and she's trying to hang in there. Well this concludes the Hydrangea tour. Short, I know, and you probably didn't get your moneys worth but, what if you'd been on the J. Peterman's Reality Bus Tour :O) Snickers anyone?