Tuesday, January 20, 2009

God Bless Us Everyone!!!!!

I was going to just let the picture speak for it's self but I just can't contain my thoughts! I am so proud of this man for his accomplishments, and just as proud of America as a nation of people who came together and voted for a better future for our great country! God Bless Us Everyone! Deb

Monday, January 5, 2009

No I'm Not! Yes I Am! But I Try!

But maybe I am, my husband sure thinks so. So maybe it's time I did take a break and try to re-group. Find a better way to manage my time wheres I can still visit with you guys and keep my home up and running. Let me just be frank, there have been times when the only spot in the house that was presentable was the room that I was sharing in my post. LOL!!! Now there's definitely something wrong with that picture. LOL!!!! Anyway, I TRY to stay away some, but, it's so hard. I want to know what each and everyone of you are doing, you're my friends. Addiction? Still I'm not convinced, but we'll see.

Well I've made my list and it goes something like this....

Definately spend more time with my husband, instead of sneaking away to the computer

Yes! I've got to make time for a few fireworks!

A little me time wouldn't hurt, I spent some of my weekend watching old movies that I love. It was quiet time for me and I was able to hang on every word. Good Will Hunting was one of them, I just love that movie! I told you I'm a sucker for happy endings.

Maybe a little experimenting is in order, I'm getting tired of the same ole everything!

Who knows maybe I'll come up with a few things to share, but I digress.

Maybe a little exploring, my husband wants to get away and do things and I've become such a home body.

So I'll be cleaning up my act, adding a few new scenes, but keeping up with the classics

Catching up on some reading

Getting out with family and friends, I rarely visit anyone. I have an elderly Aunt I need to check on, grand kids I need to spend more time with. All of my free time has been spent in front of the computer. So I have to get things worked out, and become well rounded in this New Year! LOL!!! But well rounded in a good way so....

Maybe get into a little exercising again, so I can look like Raxx. I really need your secrets girl LOL!!!! ( I hope you tell me that you've just never had a weight problem). Nikki, I doubt if even your weight loss plan will work for me, but it's on my list because I really don't want to end up like the lady in the next picture.

I love my dog!

So I'm getting rid of these

Going to bed on time so that my husband can

Get rid of these, (he can't sleep without me)!

And spending a little more time on me, because I've noticed that I bear a striking resemblance to this guy LOL!!!!

But not for long!!! LOL!!!!

Friends, I'm breaking for a few weeks! But I'll be back! Hopefully a little more organized than before. I've really enjoyed my time with all of you this past year, and I can't wait to get back to continue our friendship in the new year! Take Care!