Friday, March 6, 2009

An Update & Award

When I posted my Tablescape I so wanted to include this picture but my husband and I disagreeded on whether or not I should by it. I got it at Ross. He thought not and I thought why not! LOL!!! Anyway I've been hiding it out in the front bedroom closet. LOL!!! Then last night when I was working on my post he was still up so I couldn't whip it out for the photos.

Anyways it fits perfectly with my Tablescape and it's a shame it's hidden away. I will use it one day if I have some ladies over for a lunch or something. It'll just set the scene. It's not hung it's actually just resting against the wall and on the chair. It has all the colors that I used in my Tablescape.

I also want to mention two extra birthday gifts. One was a Ross gift card from my niece,Regina. It's what I used for my purchases of the two bowls and pitchers that are in my Tablescape, you can see it in my previous post if you haven't already. The other is this beautiful birdhouse one the left. It's from my cousin Marie. The one on the right is from Rue's giveaway. I think I'm having a problem with the color setting on my camera or maybe it's my computer. The colors are looking sort of bland to me.

This award was given to me by my friend Melissa over at Little Things In Life. Melissa is a Photographer and does fantastic work. She even has a Photo blog. It's called Missy's Photography. Please stop by them both.

These are the rules:

1. Post on blog with link back to the awarder.

2. Award 5 deserving Dishaholics (they can recieve this award a million times and if you think they are a closet Dishaholic, give it to them for their inspiring taste and display of dishes. The dishes can be displayed anywhere in or around their home.

3. Name your favorite set of dishes/pattern that you own.

4. Name a set of dishes/pattern that you DO NOT own, but would like to own.

5. List a favorite accessory ( stems, silver, flatware, etc.)

This is my favorite set of dishes that I own, it's by 222 Fifth and it's called Gabrielle. I have a service for eight. I found them here and there after Christmas and managed to get all that I needed. I have four setting that are square and four that are round. I have two extra square salad plates that can be pair with white Bone China dinner plates that I found to give me a service for ten.

This is a set I would love to have as a service for eight. I only have 6 dinner plates and 4 salad bowls. I've seen them on the Net but haven't order any yet but, I just love love love them.

I love this stemware. It's by Chris Madden and goes perfect with either dishes above. The goblet holds 18oz's of liquid and the other 9oz's.

This is my second try at this post, my first had and error and would not post, I had to do this all over again. For this reason I will not list five. However if you are a Dishaholic and want to share some of your favorites please feel free to play along. Deb