Thursday, December 18, 2008

I Can't Wait Until Christmas!

In my club there are nine of us including me! We pull names at the beginning of the year for the Secret Pal thingy. We celebrate each members birthday and the Secret Pal gift is to be the largest gift and the other members give a small token gift. At the end of the year when we have our annual Christmas party, it's revealed who who your secret pal is and we all receive a gift from our Secret Pals, and from each of the other members. . This is the gift I received from my Secret Pal, Sherry, a 50.00 Visa debit card. Wow! I bought a lot of small things that I wanted.

This gift I received from Marie, you can see how large it is in relation to what's in the background of the picture. I may use it in my kitchen and put the picture in my kitchen back in the foyer.

This gift was from Edna, a throw, a mug, and tea.

It's already waiting for a cool evening of TV watching with hot tea and ginger snaps.

This covered dish from Thelma, I really love this and will be using it for my club meetings and or Whatever!

It has two compartments

and fits into a little stand, the picture on the box had spaghetti sauce in one side and noodles in the other

Mary gave me these hi-ball glasses I already have six and now I have four more. I like them!

Mattie gave me this egg dish, I like it too!

Mrs. Jones gave me this vase it has three bulbs of Paperwhite Zlva, it has instructions of how to prepare and it's says its guaranteed to bloom. Mrs. Jones knows that I love flowers.

So this is what they'll look like. Last but not least, I got a card with ten dollars from Carrie, she and Sherry had not arrived yet in the pictures that I took, and I forgot to take get pictures of them after they arrived. So there you have it, I think they all were great gifts, it's a shame I couldn't wait until Christmas to open them, each year I say that I will, but never do. Oh Well. Deb