Monday, March 9, 2009

My Most Embarrassing Moment - Who Can Top It?

This is a total reenactment of the crime, I keep forgetting to take a picture of Ross everytime I go there, so I had take a picture of the bag. LOL!!! Well it all happened about two months ago when I was on my Hiatus. I was busy about my day, at home, doing a little this and that. When I had this brainstorm. I don't remember what the brainstorm was about, I just know that it had something to do with going to Ross. Well I didn't want my husband to know that I was in there, AGAIN, and I only had about an hour and a half before he would be home. That meant I only had 30 minutes for getting there and back, and an hour to browse. So I grab my most comfortable shoes, and you know comfortable shoes don't always look their best, but neither was I; so I hoped I didn't run into anyone that I knew. Once in the store I rushed around looking at this and that. Seeing a few slacks that I liked, I went to try them on. When I removed the slacks I was wearing, I got a glimpse of my feet, and this is what I saw.

OH, MY, GOODNESS! This isn't the actual picture from the dressingroom but, THESE ARE THE SHOES I WAS WEARING!!!!!! I began laughing so hard, I could barely keep it down, (you know the silent laugh). After trying on the slacks which I didn't like, and could barely see from laughing and crying, I took the things I did want, to the cashier. There was a lady ahead of me and when she was done, she remained a little to the side of me looking for something in her purse. The cashier ask me how was I doing, and my reply was "I don't know". I told her that I was in the dressingroom and noticed my feet (stepping back so she could see them) and we both began to howl with laughter. The lady before me, still standing there, over heard the conversation, looked down at my feet and join in on the laughter.

When I left the store and was at the trunk of my car, the lady from the store was passing from the front of my car. She said, I was so busy laughing at you, that I forgot where my car was parked, and we both laughed about that. As she was walking away she stopped, turned back around and said, Deborah and (my last name). Then I turned and said yes, puzzeled that she knew who I was. Then she said, I'm Sharon and (her last name). We had the same last name. Then I reconized her, we had only seen each other once at my stepdaughter Shanda's birthday party, and she was a very nice person. The lady was my stepdaughter Shanda's mother! We laughed soooooooo hard, hugged, and talked for a while, then went our separate ways.

Now, the moral to this story is: Don't ever again leave the house without giving yourself the once over. Your embarrassing moment may truly be the one that can never be topped in your lifetime! If you can top this one please write about it, and let me know that you did!!!!

P.S. I've just learn that Sharon is sick with pneumonia, her doctor perscribed meds but says that if she's not better by this Thursday, she will have to be hospitalized. Please say a prayer for her, that she's better soon. Deb