Tuesday, March 24, 2009


MY WEAKNESS! A bag of Circus Peanuts! What do they taste like? NOTHING! No flavor that I can determine, just plain sugar! But for some reason I can't pass them up. I think it's something in the way that they chew. This bag, was opened this morning. I have to go out in a little bit and didn't want to burden myself fixing breakfast so, this light went on in my head, and the caption read, "What about that bag of Circus Peanuts, all you need is a little sugar and you'll be alright till you get back". Well the results are what you see above. Now, mind you that it's only about five left, I pushed them in the little window to get a picture, however, they don't fill up the window because it's a large bag.

It doesn't help any to stand here in the kitchen (EATING THEM) and look into the dining room and see this! I had another light go on in my head that the caption read, "If you bring the Ab Lounger upstairs, it will be so much easier to use it because you won't have to go down stairs alone". So, I had my husband go down and get it. That's been two weeks ago and the only time I used it was the day he brought it up!

Well now I want it OUT OF THERE! It's totally messing with my decor. LOL!!! But I hate to hear I told you so, because my husband knew that he would be taking back downstairs again. SO NOW IT'S TIME! Well this is my world today, what's yours. Deb