Friday, September 12, 2008

~Fashion Fridays ~ From ~ Deb's Closet~

First I want to start with accessories, as all of the above items can be paired with the items below. I pick this pair of shoes that I love to sort of show how I would mix and match in order to find the most chances possible to wear them. I chose burgundy and brown jewelry and one of my favorite Par fums Ralph Lauren's Romance. The other items, picture frame, candle and trinket box are just a few items on my dressing table.

Let's start with this jean skirt, I ordered it from Newport News. I guess what I really liked about was the Nautical look. It's a long skirt almost to the ankle. The two front pockets and buttons added interest to me. I could picture it casual or dress it up with the blouse below.

I love the delicate look of this blouse, probably because of the fabric rose which leans to not having to wear a necklace. I have to wear a light weight Cami, because of it's sheerness.

See how it softens and dresses up this skirt

And the burgundy accessories brings it back from dainty to bold. Below I will pair this white blouse with a suit of mine.

Now this is a suit that I love, it's by apostrophe', I bought it a couple of years ago at Sears. I'm often drawn to clothing that is considered timeless.

Here I use the white blouse and burgundy accessories, the rose on the blouse keeps me from having to wear a necklace but, I use the burgundy earrings and shoes. The shoes I had two years before a wore them. I remember when I saw them at Shoe Dept, they were the only pair left and they were my size. I tried them on and the comfort blew me away. They were mark 39.99 and I could not walk away though I could think of nothing I had to wear them with. After watching What Not To Wear I found that you can pair up just about anything but, I pretty much stick with the basics.

This is another blouse by sunny leigh, I use with the grey suit, I love the way it shimmers and the design at the bottom of the sleeves.

It's uses a silky tie that goes through the cuffs, I could possibly use cuff links it I found some suitable for women. LOL!!! My camera does not give the color it's justice.

Here it's shown with the grey suit, here I'm able to accessorize with a necklace

Here I'm pairing the blouse with a brown pant. I love brown. I feel I can get away with this because of this brown and burgundy bracelet that I paid 3.99 for. The earrings shown I paid 1.99. I have brown earrings in the first picture above with the accessories but, I don't know why I didn't think to put them in this pic also but they too were a whopping 1.99 at Simply Fashions.

Here's a close-up of the shoe, yes they are as soft as they look!

Last but not least, another Cato purse. Not designer but a cute 14.99, perfect for the burgundy and brown outfit. This concludes my picks for this Fashion Friday, hope you enjoyed. Deb