Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Visit With My Aunt Continued

I mentioned to you in my tea cup post that I had a couple more items to share from my Mother's Day visit with my aunt. This lovely lamp, is by Capodimonte, it's vibrant colors, and whimsical dragons makes for quite a conversation piece. It was gift to her, from her friend Ann , who's aunt was quite a collector of really nice things. Ann inherited numerous things after her passing. She gave this to my aunt because they have been loyal friends for many years. This is not the original lamp shade but, it compliments the lamp well.

As I observed this piece closely, I was quite intrigued by beautiful flowers
and winged dragons with human breast, and what looks like a fish body, because of the scales below. And I thought what an odd combination.

This photo I think I love best, because it better shows the necks, horns, and wings of the dragons. I had to wonder about the mind of the artist, so I searched the Internet for other pieces by Capodimonte and found to no end many odd and lovely pieces.

This view also showcases her beautiful custom drapes. I just love how the pleated sheers hang just right to the floor. Behind the sheers, there is a beautiful scalloped and fringed window shade.
Rue of Rue's Peanut Butter And Jelly Life, hosted a giveaway, of a hand painted birdhouse,that will be painted with her own hands, and I!, can you believe it Me! am the winner. Yes, Me! as her adorable husband Rich played the drum roll, and her darling daughter Annie pull the names, I became the winner!, and being the sweetheart that she is , she decided to draw again and the second prize was awarded to and anonymous entry, by the name Janie. Aren't we lucky girls? Thanks Rue, for the start of a"Wonderful Day"! Deb