Tuesday, October 7, 2008

~What's Going On~

My mind is in total turmoil. I've my begun painting and I'm not so sure I like the color! For some reason it's been so hard choosing a color because of the green counter tops. I hope I can make it through this my husband says it's the color that is on the card but for me I don't think so, and I don't know if I like this. LOL!!!! I may be out for a while, because I may be choosing a new paint color, then I may never put on my painter's hat again! LOL!!! Deb

Now on a lighter note. Remember this bunch? This was before baby Alex as a matter of fact you can see him in the picture.

Well these two, members of the ponytail crew, were oh so content with their hair do's. My son will probably never cut his hair, it's actually longer than mine. Below is a picture of him when he was graduating from high school. I love it this way, but to each his own. Stay out of it, mom!

See, big difference!

And then there's Poogly, when he isn't wearing a ponytail he's wearing a Kramer. LOL!!!!

Okay, fat chance of Kevin cutting his hair, so that's not an issue. Now Master Poogly on the other hand doesn't like getting his hair combed. So Saturday Night! Kevin emailed me this picture!

Hallelujah !!! Excuse the nudity please!!!!! But look ! Master Poogly with a haircut! Kevin cut it. Isn't he handsome! I utterly screamed when I saw this! And he looks like "What just happened here"? I asked Kevin how did he behave while getting the cut and he said, pretty good. Well that's what's happening in my world, hope yours is great too!