Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Is It Time For A Change?

These little guys are my soul inspiration for my Country Den. I was browsing in Marshall's maybe 11 years ago and there they were. I thought to myself how cute and I swooped them up and went straight to the check out. They cost 25.00 each plus tax. They are Teddy Thompkins Bears by Enesco so cute I thought they would be a lovely collection to have.

I began my quest of finding things that I already had like this chair it means so much to me personally, I recovered it to match this room. I also went to local thrift stores to find things that could have been used long time ago. I did, nothing that I would have liked to have but authenticity cost like the dickens.

The clock you see on the wall I found for 4.00 the clock did not work and my husband had to replace the clock part of it. That lovely frame above the tv, I think it was about five dollars I think it once belonged to a dresser. It was painted green, I stripped it and stained it mahogany. Other things I found just trying to set the mood.

These pic were taken around Christmas time that's why the garland is under the mantle. Some may say it's clutter but, it's a host of things that make the country look.

The plaid chair in the corner is my biggest Thrift Sore find ever, I paid only 40.00 for the chair and ottoman. The guy there had the greatest bargains but he's out of business now possibly because of his low prices. The navy leather chair I found at a local furniture store. The lamp at a yard sale.

The plaid chair has been moved from this corner now, and this area has become where I spend most of my time visiting with you.

This is how it looks now. It's not a good picture but my camera is not so good these days.

This cow I love. The little hoop he's holding is for a small flower pot. I had one in once but, he was knocked over and it broke and I've never tried to replace it.

Now I'm ready for a change, I don't know what I'm going to do with all these things that I love, maybe transfer them to the bedroom that I use for my grand kids when they come over. I'm going to check on my bears to see it they're worth anything to anyone but me. My husband wants a leather couch and club chairs. I would like to do something different with the fireplace. A fluted surround, and slate or something. Then in keeping with the colors that I like, I thought about the French Country look, but it's a small room and I think I want to keep it simple this time. What do you think?