Monday, April 13, 2009

A New Project In The Plan

Remember this? This was my Patio floor project last summer. I was tired of the plain green carpet and painted on these faux rugs. Now I'm sick of it all! My little tropical room is just not doing it for me anymore.

This is a 2006 magazine that I have, I've always admired the look of this outdoor space.

Simple enough to pull off. I don't have this big beautiful door, but I have a chaise lounge like this and two little plants holders that will be ok.

I don't have this fantastic fireplace, but I have enough furniture and a fire pit to make this little seating area. I need an umbrella the wind destoryed my old one. Wood was not a good choice.

I don't have this wonderful courtyard but, I have a section in the backyard with beautiful flower beds that I can put yellow and red flowers in and set up a nice seating area.

I have a bench that can serve as this one, and I'm sure I can find a few lovely pictures to cozy things up.

I have a table a round table with chairs, all I need is to pick up some fabric in reds, and a nice rug and a few other accessories. I love the rug in this photo and have already price one at Lowes but hopefully I can do a little better on the price somewhere else.

Then while in Lowes I fell in love with this set, but the loveseat and coffee table alone, is 240.00. So I will be content with my old (I think) LOL!!!.

Here's the old, I've already put it out into the backyard to get started on painting it black, but we are getting a lot of rain. But I think this will be a good week.

These are a few others that I have and they will have to do as well

This is the floor underneath that green carpet in the first picture, I just plan to pressure wash and seal then add the outdoor rug. This is sort of a big project because last year I spent more time on the computer than in the yard, so I have lots of yard work, plus cushions to recover. Hopefully I can find new cushions that wont cost too much.

All in all I plan to be extra busy for the next two or three weeks. See you then! Hope all my hard work pays off! Deb