Friday, May 16, 2008

Dresses In Waiting

Remember in one of my Meme's I spoke of buying clothing, in sizes that I would like to wear hoping to be inspired to lose the weight? Well this is one of my purchases. It's a size 10, I thought what a lovely dress for going out maybe to a Christmas party, a Valentines dance, or just that little red dress for a night out for dinner with the husband. "Not yet"

It has it's own little space in the closet and has sat there for maybe 4 to 5 years :O( See, the tags are still on, already in a vintage bronze. I found this dress at Marshall's it was on clearance from 59.99 to I think I remember 29.99 you can't even make it out on the clearance tag now.

The straps are what really attracted me to the dress, so dainty, I have the perfect shoes to match now that I think of it but, it's to late now to add to the post.

Here's another dress that I bought, get this, "size 8". I thought it too would be nice for dinner out, candle lit table, making gooly eyes at my husband. It's sad, because I have such a weight complex I rarely want go out or think about romantic evenings, which is a loss to my husband. I find myself turning him down a lot because I don't have anything to wear. I don't want to buy anything in 14 or 16 so I only have a few pieces of clothing that I can wear. I now call those pieces my "uniforms".

Tags still here, I bought this dress at Stein Mart for 49.99, and it too has it's own little space in the closet. The straps attracted me to this one also, they have the tiniest beads that I thought would glisten under candle light.

See, they're beautiful. Maybe one day soon, I can take a photo in both these dresses for one of my post. There are more items mind you, maybe I'll show them in later post. Now for the drum roll. Last Friday I weighed in at 172.2 , today I'm weighing in at 169.8.

Yea for me!, slowly but surely, I'm on my way. I can't help but think that maybe I would have loss more if it weren't for that "Lemon Pound Cake" which ladies, I tell you turned out to be so very good that I made another one that, turn out to be not so good. LOL Which was a good thing. I do have to thank you ladies again for your prayers, thoughts of me, and encouragement while I'm on this very difficult journey, "the exercise is killing me". I know still, that you are the reason for my success.