Thursday, October 8, 2009

!!What's New @ Deb's!!

Meet the new additions to our family!

This is Big Boy! What started out as a joke has added two dear members of the family! A guy that my husband works with has a chicken farm (is that what they're call?) down in Montgomery AL. My husband told me that the co-worker was joking with a few guys at work saying that they were CITY BOYS and didn't know the difference between a rooster and a hen. LOL!!! Of course my husband had to take it further like he knows it all, and the man told him that he would bring him one. Well two weeks later and to everyones surprise, the guy shows up to work, WITH A ROOSTER!, FOR MY HUSBAND!! AND MY HUSBAND BROUGHT HIM HOME!!!

Isn't he beautiful! My husband brought him home thinking I would freak out but, to his surprise, I loved him and wanted to keep him!! LOL!!!! We first had to tie a little cord with a loop around his leg to attach a leash, so he could be free to roam the yard (we have no enclosed fence). At night for a few days we would use the dogs kennel.

Mini Poo thought she was a sheep dog and that she was his keeper. LOL!!! She would bark if he tried to go anywhere and he would come after her as if he was telling her to get out of the way and shut up! That was too funny!

Now since man can't live by bread alone, we now have Maggie

And Big Boy takes good care of her! LOL!!! If you go into the pen she'll get behind him and he actually guards her. And yes we, have eggs, they both guard them ! LOL!!! Though my husband gets them anyway and eats them. I'm not brave enough to do either one yet! But I do go in and keep the pen cleaned out so I don't have to smell anything. LOL!!! Oh! don't let me leave out that there's a whole lot of crowing going on but, I think the neighbors really like having the built in alarm clock! LOL!!! I asked them if they were bothered by it before we decided to keep him, and they said, "no". And all is well in the neighborhood. It's a Rooster lover's dream!

Sorry I haven't been around much but I work a little job, and though it's only part time, it and my regular house work keeps me pretty busy. I miss you guys and from time to time I do check on you, just to know that everyone is ok. Just a little of what I'm up to.....Deb