Sunday, July 6, 2008

Still a million things to do!

I have three of my grandsons over, and will possibly add a fourth. I have set up a few things that will possibly keep them occupied. I never finished my plans to get some work done around the house but, I'm going to still try.

I have the tent, in the backyard and have put in a TV with the VCR built-in they can watch old movies.

They have also taken a few toys and video games out there. If it gets too hot, I will make them come in but so far it's been cloudy. These are some pictures I took yesterday. It's suppose to rain today, I'll keep watch. I may let them play in the pool if no thunder storms are in the forecast.

Here they are, they thought they would be brave enough to spend the night out there but the little one on the right wanted to know what was the noise in the trees last night, and once he came in the others followed. They are too funny!

I never finished my plans to get some of the work done around the house. I'm still in the process of getting things thinned out around here, someday I would like to have only what I need, a place for everything and everything in it's place. Do you think there's is such a home? Anyways I'm still behind, haven't had the yard sale or put things together for one, but I had to be there for my dad because for some reason the elderly don't get the attention they should in these hospitals. If you have elderly relatives in the hospital, go and tend to them because the hospital staff won't help them eat or hand them a tissue if they need it. We had and issue with one of the nurses saying that my dad, loves the call button which I thought was inappropriate for her to say to us, so I did let her know that if someone would show up from time to time he wouldn't need to stay on it. My father has arthritis in his hands and his finger tips are curled over and he can't do a lot of things for himself, and we did have issues concerning the care he got in the hospital. But he's home and we won't be worrying over his care, I thank God for that and thank you all again for your prayers. Now it's time for a little excitement! I have purchased new furnishings for my den, YAY! they will deliver it on the 17th, so I have to get the room painted and the trim done before it comes. I will also be getting back into the swing of things with my diet, NAY! :O(

I'm going to start taping off my window panes this evening, for my trim work and I'll keep you posted. Deb