Sunday, June 22, 2008


I been tagged by Shanda of Front Porches Ice Tea And Old Aprons, actually she tagged me for a different meme but since I had already done that one, and was already in the process of doing this one, which I also saw recently at Shanda's . I decided to do this one instead. Shanda stated that while doing this meme she never knew that it would keep her up nights or be so heart felt and I agree.

This meme is called, Where I am from and this is only a fraction of where I'm from.
I am from the wood frame houses in the valley with plum trees, caterpillars, and dirt driveways.
I am from rice pudding, chocolate pies, and homemade ice cream, I am from baked apples, fried chicken, and peach cobbler
I am from curly hair, full cheeks, and fair skin, I am from James ,Carrie and Clara.
I am from seen and not heard, telling the truth, and peach tree switches.
I am from bee stung feet, stomped toes, and roller skates, I am from mud cakes, Simon says, and hide n seek. I am from rock battles, dog bites and skinned knees. I’m from running home before the street lights came on, I’m from Gwendolyn, Bill, Ron, and Johnita
I am from church pews, white gloves and communion
I am from fresh laundered clothes, wooden pins and Argo starch, I am from the pressing shop on the corner that my Grandpa owned, I am from the cat’s eyes staring from under the stairs.
I am from frightened of the fish that lay in water in the number 10 tub that were caught that day.
I am from home grown vegetables, hot stews and cornbread, I am from collard greens, turnip greens, and meal dumplings, I am from fried pies and green tomatoes.
I am from blue skies, and sunny days, shade trees and watermelon, I am from fireflies in glass jars, and June bugs on strings. I am from, warm nights, and electric fans, dirt yards and China berry Trees, I am from wood plank porches painted gray
I am from do it to me once shame on you, do it to me twice shame on me,
I am from brown eyes, kind smiles, and fiery tongues, I am from John, Margaret, and John Henry
I am from a young marriage, motherhood, and sleepless nights, I am from left alone rocking babies, and a cheating man. I am from phone calls and love letters from the other women. I am from a broken marriage and four little children depending on me, I am from tears.
I am from a lost mother, a lost child, and lost hope. I am from a loving God that has brought me through it all. I am from a new marriage, and a new life full of love, I am from, The Love of God.