Friday, May 23, 2008

Flowering Mailboxes ~ Special Delivery ~ And Me!

When we had our mailbox built I had them leave a planter on top. In it are some things I planted and some things I didn't. The green plants that you see on the outside rim I didn't, but they come back faithfully every year. They grow out really long and drape over but they grow to a certain maturity and start to die out. They are pretty in the process.

This is the full view, there are lights inside. Yesterday I walked to the front door and saw this....

The Mailman! I'd been expecting a package and his truck was just beyond the mailbox and right near the walkway. I told myself, it's here! Why else would he pass the mailbox. Then.......

Out he came! Yes! I said to myself it's here! I'd entered the contest over at Rue's Peanut Butter and Jelly Life to win a hand painted Birdhouse, done by none other than Rue herself. And I Won!

I thanked him, and didn't waste any time opening it. I was so excited!

It was a very special package. Rue even tied it with a ribbon that had her Blog's name. See!
There was also a card with a note for me.

It was very beautiful stationary, gold inside the envelope, and beautiful gold lettering. It read:
Dear Deb, thank you so much for entering my giveaway. I really enjoyed doing this for you. I hope you love it. Hugs, Rue

Do I love it? Yes I do! It has the trellis that's out front in my patio area, landscape lights and beautiful flowers.

She added my black shutters, and window boxes. Doesn't it look beautiful.

She even has a replica of the front stairs , the bench and one of my cement flower pots that I painted myself. I was so happy to be winner of this prize mainly because, Rue has been a friend to me from the time I started blogging. She offered to help me with any problems that I might have, and she did. She has also remained a faithful friend and visitor at my blog. So thanks Rue, for making this so special for me, because I see it as, a special part of you. Deb

Now for the drum roll! Yea, for me! Last week I weighed in at 169.8 and this week I'm weighing in at 168.2. I didn't lose as much as last time but, Yea! Yea Yea!. I don't know what happened but maybe I'll be a little more careful next time. I'm not giving up! Thanks again friends, thanks Marie, for even stopping by to check on me, and also for having even a slight interest in what I'm doing. I love your visits! Deb