Saturday, July 26, 2008

Changes ~ & ~ The Kids Room ~ & ~ Sanwiches!

Okay, so here I am again. I've changed my mind about the "Once Upon a Time" sign. (Sigh) As whimsical as it was, I just couldn't get into it in my new den. So I put up the other signs that came with the @. And I'm satisfied with the outcome.

So the new home for the sign is in the grand kids room. I think it fits nicely and I've brought in the clowns too. :O) I'm going to give you a tour, it's a small room, but it serves us well.

Here the bears have made their home over one set of bunk beds, I used the shelf from the country den as their bench.

The night that Omari and the others stayed over Omari, asked me, "Granny why did you put those dolls in here"? "Now I'm going to be scared if I wake in the middle of the night" I told him, "you won't be scared they're only toys, but if you wake afraid I'll move them out". They didn't bother him, so they've made the cut.

The other side of the room. My little moo cow made the cut.

These are all the critters from the mantle, well not all but some, I had a shelf already that I could use to display them.

That's little welcome sign on the door has hooks for sweaters or thin jackets.

This TV has a VCR for the old tapes they watch, and a DVD for the new. It also has the front plugs ins for the video games that they have.

I couldn't resist showing you my window boxes from the inside of the room.

This is hubby, bringing in the mail, and fresh tomatoes from the garden. I think they're FANTASTIC! No, hubby's shirt is not covered with grease, it's raining. It has been raining all day, it's wonderful! First we had this big storm with lightening and thunder, now it's an off and on steady rain and I'm loving it! Anyway, "Eat Your Heart Out Dot", over at Picket's Place, I'm having fresh garden tomato sandwiches today! Dot eats them all the time. I'm having mine with mayo, a sprinkle of salt and pepper and Sarah Lee's Hearty & delicious Home-Style made with Buttermilk bread. Don't be wishing you were me sisters and brothers, join me.! It's going to be goooooooooooood! Have a blessed weekend my friends, no matter what the menu.
P.S. I'll be out for the rest of the day, I have to pick up and keep the kids while my son's go to out tonight, also this evening at five I have my savings club meeting. So I'll be dropping the kids at my sister's for 2 to 3 hours, but once I'm back I'll be visiting with you , see you tonight. Deb again


PAT said...

Hello Deb! I love the changes you're making.

Gabi is going to the lake with us this evening. She and I will sleep in one of the guest rooms, because the TV in that room has all the channels she likes. In fact that is the only bedroom with a TV.;-)

All the young'uns (except Xanti, still at school) will be here, later today, for cake and ice cream. J ordered my cake. It's very pretty, white icing and red roses. I just asked him what kind it is and he said chocolate. He knows me so well!

I have a post scheduled for tomorrow. It's a little bit of this and a little bit of that. I'll post again at the end of next week.

Have a wonderful week and enjoy those mater samiches...I have not had one yet, this summer. I will be on the hunt for real tomatoes, while in the Ozarks!

Connie said...

Debbbbbbbbb!!!! I can't believe it - you a "lace" chick also!!!!! Oh, just pluck out my heart and call me heartless, I love lace!!! AND TOMATO SANDWICHES?!?!?! Love Bunny's favorite!!!!! Yes, bread, mayo, tomatoes and salt and pepper!!! WOW! Chickadee, we need to meet. Ever been to Idaho???? You're welcome anytime - just call and tell me you're coming. Oh, sweet sister, that shirt on hubs I thought was just silk reflecting the light! Pretty s*xy also, honey buns!! Hah Tell him that and watch his chest puff up!! ;-) AND the grandboys???? Two of my 3 grandsons wouldn't know what to do without their Play Station, Nintendos, Xbox, etc.!!! My fear is that they become couch potatoes! But what's a Nana to do?!?!? Hmmmmmmmm????

Lace smoochies,

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Hi, Deb, your room looks so nice! I love those little signs...very cute.

Oh, fresh tomatoes! I've been dyin for more of those. We are late getting any good ones this year. We've got a few growing, but they are taking their sweet time getting ripe.


Wendy said...

Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter Sunni!!! And the grandkids room is just adorable!!! Great decorating and rearranging!!! Hope your having a great day!!~Wendy

Artfulife said...

No problem. Have a fun rest of the weekend!

Jan Parrish said...

Those tomato sandwiches sound scrumptious. Your blog is always full of sunshine even if it's raining. :)

Carolyn said...

The house is looking good!

Those tomatoes look yummy. I will be picking my first ones in the next couple days!

Picket said...

Morning girl!!! I like the signs in a grouping over the desk much better! lol The once upon a time sign goes great in the kids room and that window box was need to go outside and take a pic of that one! lol don't shake me one bit about your tomatoe sandwiches!! lol I got fresh ones sitting on the counter and I ate 2 sandwiches yesterday!! That's right...2!!!!! With salt and pepper and mayo with original SUNBEAM BREAD!!!! lol lol Oh and Deb..girl you have got to make some fried green tomatoes..using a flour & cornmeal and milk batter (the whistlestop cafe recipe) Oh glory!!!!! They are like potatoe chips you can't eat just one! You dip them in a little ranch dressing...ohhh I swear your feet will leave the ground 3 inches!!! lol Love ya girl...have a beautiful Sunday!

KKJD1 said...

Love the room Deb. The little clowns look great where you put them and I just love the little animals you had on the shelf! Have a Blessed day, karen

Kindra said...

You've been busy Deb! I have a lot of catching up to do! I think the computer corner looks great, by the way. And what a great room for the grandkids you have. I would enjoy my time in there. :) I like that checkerboard.

And those sandwiches sound really good! I hope you are having a great weekend.

Picket said...

Hey Deb..about the fried green tomatoes....use 1 1/2 cups flour....1/2 cup meal..salt & pepper and just enough milk to make it a thick batter. Cut 4-5 green tomatoes in 1/4 in slices and dip in batter and fry in a skillet single layers turning once until golden brown....then I lay mine on a large cookie sheet covered with paper towels and salt alittle more...girl if you even think you like fried green tomatoes you will do a little dance when you taste these...and I even love them better when they cool off..oh my word!!!!! lol lol

Momstheword said...

Thanks Deb. I'll attempt to do my links for the awards. You are so nice. And I love fried green tomatoes! But I never thought to eat them in a sandwich.. Going to try here any day now.

Raxx - A day in the life said...

Hi Deb
Your tomatoes are impressive!! Havent been here for a while, I am not at home during the week, I am helping out at a summer camp my sister runs, so I popped in to say hi!



carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

Hey Deb! I am a "Bama Girl" too! I saw a link to your blog that I frequent and wanted to pay you a visit. I love your signs above your desk. They are very different from any I have seen. And I love the once Upon a Time sign. That would be perfect for y grandaughter's room. It looks like I need to go shopping! Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Deb! The changes look great!!! Oh yeah!!! I wish I had a bite of that tomato sandwich!!! :) I hope you had a lovely weekend!


Monday through Sunday said...

Looks awesome!! Great job! I love the way you decorate!

Rue said...

Hi Deb :)

Those tomatoes look yummy!!

I like the grandkid's room. You did a great job!!


Picket said...

Hey Deb...hope you are having a great day today!

Feathering My Nest said...

Lucky you! My tomatoes are still green. Those sandwiches sound scrumptious. I love your decorating. Way to go Deb. You have great ideas. Kathi

Life on Bonnie Lane said...

The grandkid's room really looks special! I'm glad you were able to take the things from your den and use them in other places in your house.


Monday through Sunday said...

I got the crockpot on