Thursday, December 4, 2008

~Christmas In My Den~

I know I haven't been around lately but, I've been trying to get finished with my Christmas decorations and some other things. I finally got my giveaway items in the mail too. This is my den. This is where my husband and I spend most of our time so I wanted to make sure it felt like Christmas here. I used my Santas in here, I love all the colors.

I decorated my own garland and the stockings I've had for maybe ten years. I bought them at Marshall's, I really don't remember for how much but I'm thinking about ten dollars each.

I put a small tree in here because there's not a lot of room and I didn't want to live cramped until after Christmas.

Here's the close-up, I just added a few sprigs here and there and some of the ribbon I used in the garland. I found the ribbon at Lowes. One hundred feet for ten dollars.

My Santas, I found at Big Lots. Surprised? Yeah, a long time ago, when they really had something to offer and at discount prices. Sleigh, Marshall's! Big Lots and Marshall's were my favorite stores during that time. I used two of the candle holders that I got from Dot, and the mosaic globes I found at family dollar, 2.00 each.

I just love them! I remember when I posted a pic on RMS, they didn't like them. They thought they were scary. I couldn't win! LOL!!!

Too cute!

And don't forget this one, I posted him in my sneak preview, he's the one that sits on the mantle. All from Big Lots, and they all have wings. I call them my fairy Santas.

This Santa is over my computer desk, I found him at Marshall's about three years ago for 6.99. You would have thought I hit a million dollar jackpot when I got him and I just love him. I will be sharing my other decorations although I didn't put up as much as I usually do, I'm done with my outside decorations too. Wait until you see the tree in my living room it's even smaller than the one here. I really tried to cut back on some of the work.