Monday, May 19, 2008

Mother's Day Gift To Myself

Okay, these were my everyday dishes that are ready for retirement, tired huh? I fell in love with the pattern PERENNIALS by PFALTZGRFF, because of the garden theme, which is my thing. I saw them at Macy's but the China was way too expensive for everyday and I wanted something to go with my kitchen. Well I found the Stoneware at Wal-mart for a very small fraction of the cost, so I got platters and serving bowls as well. They have served us well but now, they're rusty and dusty and have over-stayed they're welcome. I wanted a change, so as I was browsing the Fingerhut Catalog and found a nice pattern, and decided that still being my "Garden Theme", they would be a perfect replacement and a wonderful Mother's Day gift to myself.

They arrived Saturday morning. Which was funny because I ordered them Tuesday and the CSR ask if I wanted to pay an extra 9.99 for express shipping, I said no, and he told me that it would take 7 to 10 business days, but they came in 4. Go figure, 9.99 saved.

OOH Pretty! This is a porcelain 47 pc dinnerware set with 18k gold trim. It's a service for 8 and includes 8 each: dinner plate, desert plate, bowl, cup and saucer,- plus a 7pc hostess set of platter, serving bowl, teapot with lid, sugar pot with lid and creamer. That's the platter shown.

Unpacking was so much fun, "there's something about getting a gift, even if it is from yourself", I heard one of you ladies say. And it's true!

This is everything, a it fits my kitchen well, it maybe a little busy but I don't care. No one to rate this space! :O)

Pictured with this is a gold rim glass, one of a set of 6 I bought a while back, which is not nearly enough, so another shopping spree is in order. I think the style of glass and the dinnerware look lovely together and will make everyday dining seem special. They would also be fine for my Ladies Club meetings. My Pastor always tell us, use your best for everyday ladies, what are you saving it for?, cause when you leave here, somebody's going to use it. And that's the truth! He's so funny. I always like pretty dinnerware because I like the presentation.

This is a flatware set that I saw in the Midnight Velvet Catalog, they are beautiful, with gold plated handles. It's a service for 12 but they maybe a little expensive for everyday. I would do better going to Mashall's or even Big Lots because sometimes they have very nice flatware, being a closeout store. But in any case, in order for me to accommodate my dinnerware I would have to buy two sets of flatware because.....

I BOUGHT MYSELF TWO SETS OF DINNERWARE, HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY TO ME! Now when "All My Children" come over for Sunday dinner it will be Mother's Day to me, always!